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ΩShade of Darkness and EvilΩ left a comment for Web of Life
":D okay babe. Here is the starter then  Hanzala: -she gets up at night as she always does ready for the night out. She takes all her clothes off to take a shower since she is singing at the bar around 2am in her neighborhood. She lets the water…"
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Pan joined Meadow the Black Rose's group

Nightmares and Fairy tales

Come here and re-create yourselves children's fairy tales even what Brother Grimms wrote and create your own twisted version.See More
1 minute ago

Greg and Cobalt Nemesis Horizon are now friends
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Lillian Volantis left a comment for ΩShade of Darkness and EvilΩ
"*Nearly an hour or two she arrived back though moved off away from the people just watching. She had done well weaving a spell together and had done few others before returning*"
42 minutes ago

Pan and Myla Ellison are now friends
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Usuro Phrta updated their profile
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Blood Brothers left a comment for ΩShade of Darkness and EvilΩ
"Leviathan smiles and hugs Matt and kisses him. " Now you're all mine baby forever." he takes the ring and places it on Matt's left hand's ringer finger. Eren chuckles, " How about pizza?""
52 minutes ago

Billy Fomorowski left a comment for Klarion the Witch Boy
"// Welcome. You want to rp with me?"
1 hour ago
Bran Stark left a comment for Bran Stark
1 hour ago
Brooklyn Jackson left a comment for B.J. Conrad
"The broken saint is a short change hero who's never done right by anyone worth anything before this.  She's asked him to take her away and there's a part of him, the monster laying dormant inside the mild mannered man, that is…"
1 hour ago
Scarlett updated their profile
1 hour ago
Tauriel left a comment for Klarion the Witch Boy
"Tauriel watched him suspiciously, there was something about him that made her weary and cautious, although she could not put her finger on it. Perhaps it was because she simply did not know who he was, or what his intentions were. At the mention of…"
1 hour ago

Klarion the Witch Boy left a comment for Zen Aku
""True, but when ever a enemy meets me, they underestimate me. So tell me who has the advantage then?" Klarion simply smiled at the Duke-Org while floating around. "If thats the case why not cause a little mischief to give them a warm…"
1 hour ago

Zen Aku left a comment for Klarion the Witch Boy
"Never insult a opponent you have not met. They are not the ones that sealed me away 3,000 years ago, yet they follow the guardians footsteps. When the moon is full that will be the time I will attack.... **It felt odd talking so much and having…"
1 hour ago
Elsa left a comment for Kent Of Arendelle
"she smile alittle to him,returned the deep kiss and has her eyes closed,then pull away and looked at him.touched his chin as she smiled. "let us go and rest somewhere it is just you and me" she said to him calmed "would you like…"
1 hour ago
Bran Stark left a comment for Kent Of Arendelle
"the next morning the stark family was eating in the dining room with the queen and the princess of arandelle. sansa was talking to anna and smiled alittle. arya stabbing the meat hard and then eats it slowly. bran was poking in the food with his…"
1 hour ago

Penthesileia joined Danteus Dragule's group

Blade Temple

This Temple is owned by Lord Danteus Dragule. This is a Temple of Learning.…See More
2 hours ago



RolePages is an exciting experimental role playing site that uses elements of writing, art, and social networking to make interactive stories that are created in real time by our entire community.

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Hellifyno, the center of all supernatural activity in the universe. A world of magic and monsters, it is the focus of nearly constant war, strife, and struggle. The planet is populated by a series of city-states, with Consequence the capital where the Council meets to decide on important affairs. And then there is the Tavern.. a place where anyone is possible.

The Fall of the SS Empire
The Tavern and the City
Consequence Conquered By 5 Armies!
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The Story So Far

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Baby it's Cold Outside

Posted by Letta on November 23, 2014 at 3:01am 0 Comments

    "He really said that?" She laughed, settling against his couch as she listened to Elvis tell her another story of the drama at work he had put up with earlier in the day.. Spew was fast asleep, and it was late.. She smiled a little bit, pressing a kiss to his cheek.. "Are you staying the night?" He'd ask. She would shake her head, smiling a bit though as she stood to grab her coat, "I…


The Past: Nia's Death

Posted by Dawn Croth on November 22, 2014 at 10:20am 0 Comments

Nia came to the Dark Tavern as fast as she could. She knew. Oh she knew. But she wanted to deny it so bad. If not for herself for her daughters. Her long pale hair whipped around her face. Her pale skin shimmering in the moonlight. She never felt such fear. It shined in her bright blue eyes like a bright beacon of false hope.

  Her huge wings carried her as fast as possible. She caught the Dark Tavern in her sight. Their were people outside the Tavern. She saw her mother. And…


The Rebellion's Last Stand..

Posted by Zander Obsidian on November 21, 2014 at 9:59pm 0 Comments

The year is 4011, April 3rd..…

Saiko Koikage

Posted by Lucy Kuzinami on November 21, 2014 at 8:48pm 0 Comments

Name: Saiko Koikage

Single:[x] Taken:[]



A red eyed hothead with…


Keyiara and Kurai Hana

Posted by Lucy Kuzinami on November 21, 2014 at 8:43pm 0 Comments

Name:Keyiara Hana

Single:[x] Taken:[]

Age:Looks about 19 but is much older

Name:Kurai Hana



Kuro Monsuta

Posted by Lucy Kuzinami on November 21, 2014 at 8:22pm 0 Comments

Name:Kuro Monsuta

Single:[x] Taken:[]



A sexy dragon demon who's always ready to have some fun and cause some chaos. Kuro has "bad attitude" written all over her. Her fun devious side…


Make Me A Believer

Posted by Lark Draiden on November 21, 2014 at 1:27pm 0 Comments

The door chimed softly, swinging on its hinges until three bodies inserted themselves into the Cursed Stone, letting it close behind them. From the back, Lark could hear their chatter, voices elevating in amusement as they talked amongst themselves. She abandoned the items she'd been tagging and emerged into the front of the shop, dark eyes immediately shifting to the trio as they started their rifling.…


For you.

Posted by The Midnighter on November 21, 2014 at 2:02am 1 Comment

When you were older and I was younger and when the world was still all cigarettes and punk rock and Gulf War and Thatcher, you saved me from myself.

When you were a brilliant and…


Ticking Clocks

Posted by Aaron Alexander Equinox on November 20, 2014 at 10:32pm 0 Comments

Tick.... Tick... Tick. He can feel it, all the way down to his bones, the ticking of the clock next to their bed, his and Anemoneh's that is. Ticking down the seconds, one after another like an annoying reminder that he's running out of time. One more year. One year is what he and Anema have been given now. Every last click of that second hand slipping 'round and 'round and 'round the clock's face sends a…

~:Ariel's Character Chart:~

Posted by Unna & Mary Magdalene on November 20, 2014 at 7:00pm 0 Comments

Name: Ariel

Race: Dragon …


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