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Madeline Hatter is now friends with Richard "Dick" Grayson and Buffy Summers
1 minute ago
Amanda Lee Hope left a comment for Drake Draculi
"Amanda's father grunts and tries to get away from Drake, though he bends over and coughs when he is kneed in the stomach. "You wouldn't dare.." Amanda's father growls and tries to punch him again, then falls over and coughs…"
4 minutes ago

Marley Blackwood commented on Octivus's group 'Zombie World'
"*Marley awoke back into the world of the living dead and sighed. Another day in Zombie paradise. She sat up and grabbed her bag, eating half of one of the few cereal bars she had left. As she chewed she thought she heard movement outside,…"
4 minutes ago
Layla Ellis Blake left a comment for Drake Draculi
"*her body began to tingle* oh f*** stop..*she started to get a bit wet* mm.."
5 minutes ago
Mitchie Torres left a comment for Mitchie Torres
"Offline Goodnight *smiles*"
6 minutes ago

Marley Blackwood joined Octivus's group

Zombie World

Kinda like The Walking Dead this is a survival type of world. You DO NOT have to be with the main character of the world, in away actually, everyone is a main character...so ENJOY!See More
7 minutes ago

Loki Laufeyson left a comment for Lyall (Daenerys), Queen
"i have noticed that *he said calmed and watched her* lyall where are you taking me? *he said sharp.not seem very comfortable with this**he look back and has a emotionless face as she take him with her* *he did not know where she was taking him, but…"
8 minutes ago

Multi_Roleplayer left a comment for Drake Draculi
"She didn't know what to say. Saying she was better off to her sounded like saying when you lose somebody they are in a much better place. It didn't make sense and it didn't take your hurt away. She looked at her. "I am giving up…"
8 minutes ago
Vexor Yuzari left a comment for The Super Smash Bros.
"(Its alright, I get busy too.)  In a strange forest ground Scorpina hides herself behind trees as she spies on Pit, Ike, and Marth with a smile on my face "And their he is...Pit, I suppose this wasn't a waist after all. Once he is…"
8 minutes ago
Layla Ellis Blake left a comment for Drake Draculi
"*moans get deeper, feeling all things he was doing to her, the leg he had released landed on his shoulder, shaking soft, laying her head onto its side, leaving her eyes on the wall* god..."
12 minutes ago

Midnight left a comment for Drake Draculi
"//Razor growling at the bouncer saying it was a set up then he was shouting at the check in lady he threw the tickets at her telling her pointing they were over there razor's eyes were deathly black as he held his prize to his side he…"
19 minutes ago
Drake Draculi left a comment for The Lovett Clan
"Oncie quickly changed and stood up and sighed softly. He gathered His clothing and made His way to the Bathroom to throw Them in the Hamper. He opened the Bathroom door and made His way inside tossing the clothing in the hamper He turned around…"
21 minutes ago

Octivus commented on Octivus's group 'Zombie World'
"*Octivus would start to walk down the road near where he first started* Hmm...this is new....*He saw a building in the distance and he would slowly walk towards it* Hmm"
21 minutes ago
The Super Smash Bros. left a comment for Vexor Yuzari
"//If you want to put up a starter or whatever, then go ahead. I don't know when I'll get back to you though, I'm pretty busy with a ton of stuff. So if you're alright with slow replies, then sure.//"
22 minutes ago
Layla Ellis Blake left a comment for Drake Draculi
"*her legs began to tremble, as he held them tight like a snake, she couldnt move them at all, as she blinked softly, letting out a few moans and soft whimper when he his tongue was on her*"
25 minutes ago
Drake Draculi left a comment for Amanda Lee Hope
"Drake grabbed His other fist with ease and smirked. "I'm a Draculi....Your Master....and You're My Bitch..." He spun Them around and slammed Her Father against the Van pinning His hands to the Van as he kneed Him in the gut.…"
28 minutes ago

Greg commented on John Harrison|Khan Noonien Singh's group 'USS Vengeance-A'
"He chuckles as he nods to her while he let out a wolf growl in response to her aura he was seeing. "Impressive, though I preffer the real deal over holgrams, but his is indeed interesting." He says calmly as he eyes flash a bright blue…"
28 minutes ago
Siri the Maid and Ivy "Poison Ivy" & Others are now friends
30 minutes ago
Amanda Lee Hope replied to Raen Lokisdottir's discussion 'Raen's Iceberg Lounge.' in the group Asgard
"*Crystal sighs and looks up. One red mark on her face. He'd got her stomach too and some feathers were ruffled on the top of one wing*"
33 minutes ago
Amanda Lee Hope replied to Loki Laufeyson's discussion 'The Royal Stable' in the group Asgard
"*Valhalla walks over to Raen, she was not as tall as Sleipnir but was closeish. She has some trouble and it doesn't help with Copper happily running around her legs, trying to get her attention*"
35 minutes ago



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You swore that you would protect me.

Posted by Queen Ravenna on October 1, 2014 at 7:00pm 1 Comment

With a sob of pure agony, the young sorceress glanced down between her thighs to watch as the blood stained her milky flesh. She was in too much pain to cry, or even breathe. A shaky breath was inhaled as she slowly slumped against the bed; a limp hand falling besides the edge.

Finn watched in horror. His twin sister had just been…


Desiderata Part II

Posted by Aero Holter on October 1, 2014 at 1:00am 1 Comment

“ Sometimes it is harder to deprive oneself of a pain than of a pleasure and the memory so possessed him that for the moment there was nothing to do but to pretend. ”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is the Night…



Posted by Vivienne Maddox on September 30, 2014 at 11:27pm 0 Comments

The room she rented was small and while she sometimes felt closed in by the four walls that held everything she owned at this point, it was clean and ridiculously cheap.  Being frugal meant she didn't have to take funds from others or stay in a place that seemed oddly foreign. Life was awkward enough without having to try to figure out where you belonged after you'd lost all your recollection of experiences that took place before last year. She didn't want to focus on that loss too much but…


Donovan's Profile

Posted by Ivy "Poison Ivy" & Others on September 30, 2014 at 11:19pm 0 Comments

"There is no good in this world. Only evil…


point me to the stars (swimming down the boulevards)

Posted by Peaches on September 30, 2014 at 11:00pm 0 Comments

"Have no fear of perfection -- you'll never reach it."

Salvador Dali

She was having trouble…


Games We Play ( a descent into sanity )

Posted by Allegra on September 30, 2014 at 8:54pm 1 Comment

"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness."
-- Aristotle
... Dangerous games tend to end at the…

His Absence - Part 1

Posted by Decimus Julius Libo on September 30, 2014 at 5:50pm 0 Comments

The moment his hand wrapped about the bronze knob of the door he knew something was wrong. The hair at the back of his neck stood on end. A chill even rippled through his body as muscles tensed in anticipation. Why? Cause the door was open. Unlocked. At first glance it had looked the same as it…

So It Comes to an End-My Return (Part 5)

Posted by RuAnna DeBronte on September 30, 2014 at 10:44am 0 Comments

It took more than a month for me to heal from my wounds, though I am fairly certain that it would have been much longer had father not been bringing in the best healers that he could find. Though none of them had the abilities to simply make it all disappear, many of them using herbs and salves to speed up the process, they each gave all they had to assist me.  

It seemed as if Abaxtex never left my side,…


A Strange Turn of Events (Part 3)

Posted by RuAnna DeBronte on September 30, 2014 at 10:30am 0 Comments

Two weeks had passed since that fateful day that my world had been torn out from beneath me. I had immediately returned to my duties, Abaxtex now at my side as second in command and unwavering from his responsibilities. Not once, in 14 days, had he uttered a single word about the events that had occurred that night when he spent hours stitching my wounds. I was grateful for that, pleased that he had kept the secrets I spilled to him just that…secrets. It was…


A Losing Battle (Part 4)

Posted by RuAnna DeBronte on September 30, 2014 at 10:30am 2 Comments

The days rolled on, turning into weeks and eventually fading into months. In the Underworld it was difficult to keep track of how long had passed. At times it had seemed like no time at all, others…it felt as if I had been down there for years. My loneliness was still strong, though it had begun to fade with my second in command tucked closely at my side. Though we again never spoke of the events that occurred in his chambers, when he was removing my stitches,…


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