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Natalia Romanova left a comment for Aspen Romanova
""We all do." He responded and kissed her ehad, looking at at Nat leave. "She's gonna be fine. Its been years.""
9 minutes ago

Alexander 'Xander' Grimgaurd left a comment for Nina LockHart HellHound Queen
"((Thanks for the like. You've got a pretty cool profile too.))"
9 minutes ago
Natalia Romanova left a comment for Serenity "Ren Ren" Romanoff
"Pepper rose her eyebrow and took the phone,phoning up to the floor where the Avengers were. "Um, I have a kid here that says She's Nat's Daughter? " Nat rose her eyebrow and turned to look at the rest who looked at her…"
10 minutes ago

Serenity "Ren Ren" Romanoff left a comment for Judar
"Escaping from a bunch of government goons is not a lot of people's piece of cake. And especially no to Serenity. But things were what they were, so she had to. Since she wasn't exactly sure of the direction she was going right now, she was…"
11 minutes ago
ϟiηᶧᶳ†∃я left a comment for ❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others)
"He nodded a bit. "That's why I'm here. I just follow rumors, basically.""
11 minutes ago
Grayson Ford left a comment for Kougar Kyle Tehrror aka-Catwoman
"What a beautiful sentiment. Grayson Ford, on the other hand, got on with his life. He disappeared from one town and reappeared in another. All the way across the country. In front of a decomposing convenient store. To do what exactly? Buy a six pack…"
12 minutes ago
Aspen Romanova left a comment for Natalia Romanova
"*She sighed softly watching Natalia and spoke softly* There's most to my past that both of you have no idea of... I was never safe *She snuggled close to him* I have nightmares every night."
16 minutes ago

Serenity "Ren Ren" Romanoff left a comment for The Chained Wolves Of Rebellion
"((lol I shall find you the most funny cat memes!! :D and as for my answer..I dunno what JROTC is..but here is my reaction lol lolz and then I found one I think you will love hehe ))"
16 minutes ago

Serenity "Ren Ren" Romanoff left a comment for The Chained Wolves Of Rebellion
"((O.o..I cannot do anything involving army ..I will die XD It doesn't sound fun..and..army..eh..*flails arms* ...just..eh.. X3 And thanks XD I am glad that you like them, I have plenty more coming for you ^^  My goal is to make you…"
16 minutes ago
Natalia Romanova left a comment for Aspen Romanova
"James hugged her back and chuckled. Nat looked ay them and turned away,trying to process everything. "Ill be right back." She said in a low tone, walking away."
25 minutes ago
Natalia Romanova left a comment for Archie Carne
"Nat kept her eyes on him, smiling ocationally, and looking away. It was odd, but the good kind of odd, the kind you feel uncomfortable with but at the same time enjoy it very much. As the music ended, his eyes pinned on her gave her all kinds of…"
29 minutes ago
ᴊᴏѕᴇᴘн ᴏᴅᴀ left a comment for Sebastian Castellanos
"There had been too much hovering over this body. Faces with questions hanging over far too many times to not think of Sebastian's sudden act. With a hand, shoving it to the face there was only one way to possibly answer that…"
30 minutes ago
ᴊᴏѕᴇᴘн ᴏᴅᴀ left a comment for Sebastian Castellanos
30 minutes ago
Echo Shadowvein left a comment for Sarah Coleman
""It was nice to meet the other Sarahs." [She offers an innocent childish smile to the five before her, before returning her crimson gaze to the coffin that bound the final Sarah. The aura that formed around slowly began whispering with the…"
33 minutes ago

DeadPool left a comment for Natalia Romanova
"hey black widow long time no see its deadpool the merc whit the mouth by the way you looked super awesome and hot in avengers ....and how is the cap tell him that im sorry for killing him whit a bomb in Deadpool kills the marvel actually am not…"
37 minutes ago
Natalia Romanova and DeadPool are now friends
37 minutes ago
ᶳᵃᵐ ᵂᶤᶰᶜʰᵉᶳᵗᵉʳ updated their profile
38 minutes ago
Sinister † and Morgana Silvyr are now friends
41 minutes ago

Z Jovazul "Ze" Enslusviel Z and Lucian Morholt are now friends
41 minutes ago

Sarah Coleman left a comment for Echo Shadowvein
""We're all interested in you, dear. Some for more selfish reasons than others." The second white haired child spoke, still holding back the reasonably shorter Innocence. "I am Purity. It is lovely to meet you." She bowed…"
43 minutes ago



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Gain Cult Crushed - Marzuq Revealed As a Robot!

Posted by The Chronicle Society on February 28, 2015 at 2:30pm 0 Comments

Dateline February 28th: Consequence

The Gaian cult which has been terrorizing the city for over a month now has been destroyed. A cure for the mind control serum they were using to recruit new acolytes was developed by Amaris Giovanni, and spread across the city by the Blue Moon Heroes. In this battle the cults leader Marzuq the Liberator was slain, revealing that he was actually a robot.

It began on Wednesday the 25th, When Amaris entered the Blue Moon Tavern to…


Feeling a little like Turok

Posted by Alexander 'Xander' Grimgaurd on February 28, 2015 at 11:43am 0 Comments

Xander checked his scope again, just to be sure the he was lined up with the open field he'd chosen as the engagement zone. Everything was perfect. The Gamer was set up in the branches of a tall tree near the edge of the field, out of the way but still close enough to the action to get the best view. It was time to lure in the…


Extra characters

Posted by Serenity "Ren Ren" Romanoff on February 28, 2015 at 9:17am 0 Comments


Valia Lokidottir - First daughter of Loki and Ravenna, mother to Dae, Kitty, and trying to adopt Arrietty. In love with Alucard

Dragan Lokison - Middle child and first/only son so far to Loki and Ravenna, he has powers that are both of day and of night. He is more for playing around (mischief and goofing off) and is not really interested in romance. (Will only be used if I am using one of…


The Little Ghoul

Posted by Katryna Weiss Bloodheart on February 28, 2015 at 12:25am 0 Comments

|| This is not the character I have made this account for but I figured I would blog/post something for you guys to read. I have not proof read this so I have not fixed any errors, please ignore them. ||

The moon was in a crescent high in the sky, illuminating the Earth along with the stars millions of miles away. The smell of wet cement crowded the nostrils of anyone that walk in the streets tonight. It had just finished raining a little while ago. Cars would run over…


// Description of the player behind Sven

Posted by Sven Bloodheart on February 27, 2015 at 11:55pm 0 Comments

// Multi-para role player with heavy experience in both combat and story work. Currently accepting all challengers if interested, though I use T-1 rp combat rules. If interested in story, however, I can do any genre, though this character is heavily gore driven (not for the weak of heart or mind). Inbox any questions or challenges. 

End to Everything

Posted by Mick Rawson on February 27, 2015 at 8:48pm 0 Comments

This work was partially co-written with borrowed quotes by Ethan Krieg and Sebastian Castellanos…


Empress Personal Blog 04: The Second Traitor

Posted by Vrana / Sora on February 27, 2015 at 8:10pm 0 Comments

"Empress Vrana, I was asked to come here by a former Bounty Hunter. He told me to give two messages. The first message is to the rebels to keep up their fight against this false queen. The second... He wants his throne back." 

- Remnant Master Ophir Derechai 

 When I first heard this my sliver blue eyes fades away into a…


And then what happened?

Posted by Elexin (Sardu Octavi Vãduvam) on February 27, 2015 at 7:53am 0 Comments

Elexin Harbindale sat behind the podium looking out upon the crowd.  Many of the faces he hadn't seen in eons.  A few quick nods and other signs of recognition were passed between the enclave.  Whispers, jokes, the usual 'war stories' amongst colleagues, all in anticipation of the meeting.  Elexin leaned over to…


Items of Interest

Posted by Laina Folcart on February 27, 2015 at 1:30am 0 Comments

(These are items of significance that are near and dear to her heart)

❄Snowflake Necklace…


The Night Terror Revealed

Posted by Shyla Maeve on February 26, 2015 at 10:24am 0 Comments

Co-written with Mike Tsumayori


She rose as he did following his lead. As they slipped outside she would join him at his side and give a shrug at his asking what she would like to. "I don't really know what there is to do around here." He had…


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