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Loki commented on Odin, the Allfather's group 'Asgard'
"*looking at suprised, smirk and hugs back*"
1 minute ago
Loki replied to Lyall (Daenerys), Queen's discussion 'Training Grounds' in the group Asgard
"Oh Really? *he smirk alittle* i do can swordfight. Is not that good enough?"
3 minutes ago

Whisper the Fallen and Scarletta Caravall are now friends
11 minutes ago

Kohina Hiruko updated their profile
14 minutes ago
Guy of Gisborne posted songs
15 minutes ago

Kagetane Hiruko updated their profile
18 minutes ago

Zortira commented on Commander Manona's group 'The New Sith Empire'
"*Zortira would get on his feet and look around carefully, he was still wearing the Sith Battle armor, he had no idea who left it for him nor did he know how he got where he was.*"
23 minutes ago

Raen Lokisdottir replied to Lyall (Daenerys), Queen's discussion 'Training Grounds' in the group Asgard
"No offense to you, younger Dad, but you don't have experience yet. I'll try to teach you, ok?""
27 minutes ago

Raen Lokisdottir commented on Odin, the Allfather's group 'Asgard'
"*Is now hugging Loki AND Lyall.*"
28 minutes ago

Jessica "Candy" Abbott and Joshua Crow are now friends
34 minutes ago
♥ Yuki the digital clock ♥ commented on Paige the Notepad and Others's group 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared'
"{Ha! I have caught up :D I think...and while it was...very bloody XD....I daresay I have a slight copy cat...>.> ...I found another Slender after mine came... Oh well *shrugs* Imma shaddyup now and stop bothering people X3 } *Horror, Terror,…"
43 minutes ago

Shadow the Demon/Vampire Hybrid left a comment for Allen Walker
"Midnight had glanced towards the other. "You mean on that specific night? Cause I swear I heard something call out to me that night...I still don't know what exactly though." He had glanced off slightly. "My brother brought me…"
44 minutes ago

Dante and Valefor left a comment for Allen Walker
"Dante had nodded a bit. "Sounds fair enough to me." Dante had stood up now as he had swapped back towards his human like form as he had glanced towards the other. "Just one thing however eh where your room key at? I mean although I…"
50 minutes ago

Evelynne di Sighisoara liked Eleanor Kane's profile
1 hour ago
♥ Yuki the digital clock ♥ replied to ♥ Yuki the digital clock ♥'s discussion 'The cellar' in the group Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
"*They smile and start to clean up, becoming just as they were before, though cleaning Fear is a little harder because she would rather play in the 'bwood'. When they are done, Terror's mouth stitches back up, as if it's never…"
1 hour ago
♥ Yuki the digital clock ♥ replied to Paige the Notepad and Others's discussion 'Paige's Bedroom' in the group Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
"{He does? ....Interesting...*puts my hands together* ...tell me more... X3 } *Yuki smiles* okay so blue and pink or purple on black... *she thinks* should we make it strapless with the odd straps that don't connect like all my other dresses?…"
1 hour ago
Aubrey Caelestis left a comment for Ꮆωуηєνιєνє ℒє ℱαує
"That's great! Of course I'll start considering I added you. But how about we discuss any particular settings/time/places and all that? Anything you'd prefer?"
1 hour ago
♥ Yuki the digital clock ♥ replied to Lucifer's discussion 'The Devil's Playground' in the group Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
"No I'm not a notepad *She shakes her head as the numbers flash briefly of her cheeks, just below her eyes for a few seconds before disappearing. The two dots on the bridge of her nose however blink at a more constant rate. Wasn't it…"
1 hour ago
Loki commented on Odin, the Allfather's group 'Asgard'
"I wish i knew, i know im way out of the timeline, but your loki got me here somehow. *frowned* You have grown since last i remember You *he said to lyall and have let go of her, look now at raen*"
1 hour ago

Skylar Lee and Near Mercer are now friends
1 hour ago



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Create a character by signing up for an account and filling out your profile. You can be a vampire, a werewolf, a demon, a psychic, an alien, or anything that you can imagine. Then start interacting with the community through our role playing chat rooms, blogs, forums, and the dynamic worlds system.

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Hellifyno, the center of all supernatural activity in the universe. A world of magic and monsters, it is the focus of nearly constant war, strife, and struggle. The planet is populated by a series of city-states, with Consequence the capital where the Council meets to decide on important affairs. And then there is the Tavern.. a place where anyone is possible.

The Fall of the SS Empire
The Tavern and the City
Consequence Conquered By 5 Armies!
The NPC Revolution
The Map of Hellifyno
The Story So Far

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Jericho's story

Posted by Jericho Nile on August 21, 2014 at 11:37pm 0 Comments

“They say even monsters could use a bit a love I guess you guys prove that point.”

Jericho Nile is a very special boy. Jericho is the son of a mad man, scientist to these day those who raised him call the Black Cleaver. He rip creatures and mix their body parts together endless to create new creatures. He started off making monsters you would only see in cheap horror movies like Sharktopus reality. These horrible beast being created made their fathers…


Birth of the clock

Posted by ♥ Yuki the digital clock ♥ on August 21, 2014 at 7:15am 0 Comments

A shadowy figure moves in the basement, going to and fro all hours of the night. She was working on a project, a big one, that everyone else would love. To be more specific, that she hoped they would love.

Sarina was the previous owner of this house, long before Harry or any of the others had ever even came here. Long hours of endless labor, all for one goal. To create not only a perfect digital clock, but one that doubleed as a girl with flawless beauty--which is what Sarina had… Continue

Profile for Donovan

Posted by We Are Many on August 20, 2014 at 11:35pm 0 Comments

"There is no good in this world. Only evil that shall be exterminated."



Her life in your hand

Posted by Rayner on August 20, 2014 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

RUN! Fucking run!

I don't think I'd ever ran so…


An Urgent Matter, Maybe?

Posted by Amelie Zagurian on August 20, 2014 at 3:27pm 0 Comments

It had taken days, weeks almost but finally...finally the papers were done, the folders had been sorted into two sections, completed jobs that were signed off on and jobs that had yet to be begun and now I sat at my desk staring at the last folder, it was marked urgent and had been left in amongst the others for me to find, how long had it been there? What did it contain? Fuck if I knew, I was hesitant to actually open it, last time I opened a file marked urgent all hell broke…


Team Luxis

Posted by Nathan L. Dowell on August 20, 2014 at 1:58pm 0 Comments

This is Nathans team for whenever he wasn't able to do something in the Star Stone City.


Brian is a strong, and kind, man who loves to spend his time with friends. He always jokes around,…


Barbie Doll. (warning viewer discretion is advised. not my fault if u have nightmares. area 42 ghost story)

Posted by The crazies on August 20, 2014 at 11:00am 2 Comments


When Missy was little she was beautiful, confident, and outgoing. She was interested in all kinds of science and liked to play. But everytime she picked up a tool or an informative book. Her parents replaced it with kid lipsticks and crying dolls. This was a part of their experiment. Eventually puberty came and girls at school got meaner and meaner. Missy was teased a lot for not being the… Continue

The Beginning of the End (Part 4- Finale)

Posted by Ethan Krieg on August 20, 2014 at 10:30am 0 Comments

The makeshift weapon hits home, stabbing into the gut of the taller man. Chance gulps in pain as Ethan rips it free and spins for a second strike to the chest, hoping to slip between ribs. The bodyguard throws his arm up and takes it in the muscle of his tricep instead. The jagged shard is…


Day 5: The Guild Woods..

Posted by Mercury Jones on August 19, 2014 at 11:28pm 0 Comments

She stood on the edge of the forest line, her Crossbow slung against her left shoulder and balanced with the same hand, quiver of arrows strapped to her back, their silver feather glinting in the afternoon light. She wore her usual black skinny jeans and white tank top, paired only with her biker boots. She had left her precious jacket in her room so nothing would ruin it. Her usually down, wavy red hair was pulled into a high pony tail, the ends of her hair tickling between her shoulder…


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