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Stiles Stilinski left a comment for Ember Lynn
"Soon, though, she wouldn't be alone. The Jeep was parked a few blocks from the beach and its hauntingly beautiful waves. Out came a boy, no more than seventeen, with a baseball bat in hand and a bottle of vodka in the other. He was dressed in a…"
1 minute ago
❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others) joined Chaos Jester & Bear's group

The Falling Stars of Space

A series survival scenarios based in various space wreckage and and planets. Xenomorphic creatures abound and you (The Hero's) must escape, survive and generally not get et. To spice things up I, (Chaos) Jester will be running the show from behind…See More
2 minutes ago
Kristopher Urlrich liked Dawn Croth's event Winter Solstice Ball
2 minutes ago

Cinder Jinnu left a comment for Damon Salvatore
"Holly didn't show any emotion as she left, but inside she was mad as hell at her boss, at people; at the world...."
3 minutes ago

Cinder Jinnu left a comment for Talin Gael (and others)
"A black bag over his head almost the whole duration of the drive, almost because something cut the fabric at one point and he saw the girl being examined as they drove. He realized that they put headphones on him to block sound."
3 minutes ago

Valia Lokidottir left a comment for Valia Lokidottir
"Comments may be slow"
4 minutes ago
Mitchie Torres left a comment for Damon Salvatore
"*Cries and says on the phone help me as a guy hangs up*"
4 minutes ago

Talin Gael (and others) left a comment for Cinder Jinnu
""What's the meaning of this??" He stepped in  between the Feds and the The the paramedics working on the girl. One of them pulled out his side arm. " We're going to need everyone to please step out of the Vehicle in a…"
4 minutes ago
Azariel Black left a comment for Faith "December" Temptation
"*She followed after though at a slightly slower rate not using her full speed but enough to stick close to the other tigress. The hunters really weren't bothered her that much but they annoyed the checkout of her at times.* I'm guessing…"
4 minutes ago
Narcissa ''Eznyo'' Volantis is now friends with Kati and Lady Azura,Queen of the Dominion
4 minutes ago
Profile IconDorian Crowley, Remnant Master Ophir Derechai and RosalieHaleCullen joined RolePages
5 minutes ago

Cinder Jinnu commented on Cinder Jinnu's group 'The Circle of Magi(Closed till Further Noticed)'
""All except your kind. You'd have to kill yourselves as well to truly end it." Morgana said. Looking something over, "And then the world would make another race to take the place of ours and yours." Judas hissed a bit,…"
5 minutes ago

Victor Brooks updated their profile
6 minutes ago
❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others) replied to Cinder Jinnu's discussion 'Maka Stables' in the group Legendary Stables
"Soul soon fell asleep, tired, even after not doing anything that day. She woke the next morning, feeling a bit better."
7 minutes ago
❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others) replied to ❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others)'s discussion 'Gesehen's Small Home' in the group The Circle of Magi(Closed till Further Noticed)
"|She took the poppy seeds and laid back down. When Zinzi came back, she sat back up and smiled, taking the hairpin and putting it in.| "Thank you, Zinzi...""
8 minutes ago

Talin Gael (and others) and Skyla Bri are now friends
9 minutes ago
❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others) commented on ❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others)'s group 'Rockabill'
"-Alright.- *Iris and I were watching a funny little show in the living room, sandwiches on the table again.*"
9 minutes ago

Cinder Jinnu replied to Cinder Jinnu's discussion 'Maka Stables' in the group Legendary Stables
""...Night sweety,.." She turned out the light and went to get herself something to eat."
10 minutes ago

Valia Lokidottir left a comment for Klarion the Witch Boy
"Valia laughs faintly, though it is a nervous one. As she is shy around any new people--he was especially someone to be nervous around because he knew so much about her. She clears her throat and nods some. "Well.." she says softly…"
11 minutes ago

Faith "December" Temptation left a comment for Azariel Black
""Damn it.." The sound of the gunshot snapped her back into reality, those hunters were coming, but she started to stray her thoughts towards the tigress; the hunters didn't know about her whereabouts yet but maybe this tigress was…"
11 minutes ago



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The Dream - The Visit from Some "Guests"

Posted by Tony on December 21, 2014 at 6:47pm 0 Comments

Rising slowly from his sleeping state was a skinny man, his brown head shaved. Taking a deep breath he smelled the rotten air and the faint, Buzz Buzz, from a nearby flock of flies. What the hell made that reeking smell. His head looked up to hear another droning noise, another buzz. And there it illuminated three people each sitting on a couch staring at him.…


ReisenⅡ, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Moon

Posted by Reisen Ⅱ on December 21, 2014 at 8:13am 0 Comments

Silly title is silly. This is a brief little information dump on ReisenⅡ.

From an Out of Character View

ReisenⅡ, also known as Rei'sen, is originally a character from the Touhou Project series, originating in the manga, Silent Sinner in Blue. The character I am playing is actually an AU on this character.  We'll call her Warverse!ReisenⅡ.

In the Warverse, the Lunar Capital…


The tragic life of Alexandria Mercia aka Alexis Mercer. Aka. Lexi(Lexie ) Mercy. Nickname Lexa

Posted by The Living Virus on December 21, 2014 at 3:30am 0 Comments

The Living Virus

Alexandria Mercia aka Alexis Mercer

Goes by Lexi(Lexie) Mercy

Nickname= Lexa. Sith name = Darth Xaya

Code Name Hera (Juno)

Conduit/Viral LifeForm

Observed Behavior: Shows no Mercy. Ruthless, Power Monger, Survivalist. Mimics the personality of whoever she consumes. Acts much like a living virus would. Devoid of emotions and mimics the emotions of others. Much is still unknown.

Bio: With the havoc caused by Zeus, the… Continue

The Family Saint Serge Tussand

Posted by Eren Ace on December 20, 2014 at 6:11pm 0 Comments

The Family Saint Serge Tussand, have been around for thousands of years. They have been hunted by vampire hunters that have passed down their traditional skills and techniques to eliminate The Family Saint Serge Tussand a family of blood thirsty vampires. After thousands of years of hunting, the foolish vampire hunters think that they have eliminated every single vampire in the United States, but the only known survivor as of this moment is Saint…


Alone in the dark

Posted by Meadow the Black Rose on December 20, 2014 at 1:22pm 4 Comments

"Finally home time!" 

Rachel agreed shuffling the papers on her desk as her work colleague…



Posted by Savannah Razus on December 20, 2014 at 3:09am 0 Comments

I grew up here, in this very village. Granted, it was the orphanage, and indeed it was a vile, hideous place, but it was my home none the less. They wanted me to be just like every other plebian, working in some rich master's abode, scrubbing the floors and pleasing the man of the house. But I always felt I was worth more than that.

Then one day, I was in the market and found a man who changed my life. Fellio was a weapons trader. He was older, with a peppered beard…


when you go, can i go with you? (don't be so fool hearted, foolish girl)

Posted by Peaches on December 20, 2014 at 2:00am 1 Comment

Seasons stormy weather

When it ends

We will stay warm together

- Little Dragon; Stormy Weather …


Diaries are Evil Things.

Posted by Katiya Barinov on December 19, 2014 at 3:31am 0 Comments

I find myself in need of an outlet, to express these... irritatingly persistent thoughts in my mind. Writing them down in paper, has always helped in the past. Now I am finding that desire again, among many other things as of late.

It has come into light, my recent.. distracted state. Which caused one clerical…


Una mina muy tanguera.

Posted by Fire on December 18, 2014 at 3:02pm 6 Comments

They think you are not vulnerable, they think you the type that never cries, that your soul is as calloused as your blackened lungs, that your heart is a nerve-ridden block that cannot…


It's All In Your Head

Posted by Aedre Merasha on December 18, 2014 at 2:16pm 1 Comment

Don't forget to take your pills. Did you set up an appointment with your psychiatrist yet? Quit blinking so hard, you'll make people think something's wrong with you.

            But something is wrong.                              Don't grimace so much, you can't be…


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