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The freakshow left a comment for Jordan
"(I read the blogs :3 and if You need any info on Ursula just lemme know. But the main thing is She is a Rebellious Young Lady Who may be a bit rough around the edges :) SO whenever You're ready would you like to start?)"
2 minutes ago

Blake Cross updated their profile
8 minutes ago

Jason Reeves/Night Hunter posted a photo

Jason's/Hunter's Computer

Computer via various holo projectors located on the fingers and wristsHOWEVER ON NIGHT HUNTER IT IS HIDDEN!
9 minutes ago
The freakshow left a comment for Chrissy & Valek
"(Oh You're Welcome. You're profile is so awesome as well. I would love to roleplay. even though You'll meet all My characters is there a specific one You'd like to roleplay with?)"
11 minutes ago
❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others) left a comment for Aldus Blonde
"Soul smiled, glad that her friend could get some sleep. She tucked him in and kissed his forehead before leaving him alone to sleep. The house would take care of him. She went to the kitchen, wanting to make food for Aldus as he had many times for…"
17 minutes ago
The freakshow left a comment for Dominic Salazar -Venom
"King followed along to the Outside and took a long inhale of the Night Air. He exhaled slowly and reached into His coat pocket taking out a flask. He opened it up and handed it to Dominic. "Here Ya Go Chap. This will Perk You up just…"
17 minutes ago
Black Rose Village (Other's) left a comment for Chrissy & Valek
"(( How's you doing ? Hope your chilled I'm OK stress as normal lol .Is Michael coming back ? Nest misses him lol )) Benedict: `Benedict hand was realised his icy but angelic stare told the high arch demon no explained word's. Wanting…"
17 minutes ago
Aiden Pierce updated their profile
18 minutes ago

Leilani Evans replied to Lokarri Nexustrasza's discussion 'The Melee Ring' in the group Heroes Guild of Hellifyno
"Leilani smirked and tucked a stray piece of fiery hair behind her ear, thrilled to actually use her own skills instead of holding back with the basic ones. She nodded and turned from the dummy, striding to where her steel bow and quiver lay in the…"
18 minutes ago
Mars Laveaux updated their profile
19 minutes ago

A r i s s a & L y r a left a comment for The freakshow
"^Okay :3 I have a lotta thinking to do I guess XD ^ Lyra nods and grins, taking her hat off and bowing some in return, then returns the hat to her head. "Yes, I know I'm not really normal. I take great pride in tha' too." She…"
25 minutes ago
Black Hawk updated their profile
27 minutes ago
The freakshow left a comment for Jordan
"(Yes please :3 Although You'll meet all of them The one you pick will be the main one.)"
30 minutes ago

Alois Earl Trancy left a comment for The freakshow
"-My smile widens as you by the tickets- Oh don't worry I don't think I'll forget -I smirk and pull you closer as we begin to walk inside the tent, where it was much darker inside with lots of lights. And chair surrounding the whole…"
30 minutes ago
The freakshow left a comment for Dr. Frank N. Furter
"(Oh I think frank could help the freaks out greatly ;3)"
30 minutes ago
Deadpool updated their profile
31 minutes ago

⊥ℌℯ Ðø¢†øя left a comment for ❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others)
"This site is so fuckin' bs like why is that even a problem."
33 minutes ago

⊥ℌℯ Ðø¢†øя left a comment for ❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others)
"But I'd like to point out that it isn't my fault if I haven't received a response so. Yeah."
33 minutes ago

⊥ℌℯ Ðø¢†øя left a comment for ❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others)
"Alright, if you say so."
33 minutes ago
The freakshow left a comment for Maggie Gold
""Oh We may be freaks but We have a certain Type We call for." King spoke with a simple smirk. He looked back at His reflection. "A Gift huh? And what gift might that be Love?" Honestly it didn't matter what kind of Gift She…"
34 minutes ago



RolePages is an exciting experimental role playing site that uses elements of writing, art, and social networking to make interactive stories that are created in real time by our entire community.

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Hellifyno, the center of all supernatural activity in the universe. A world of magic and monsters, it is the focus of nearly constant war, strife, and struggle. The planet is populated by a series of city-states, with Consequence the capital where the Council meets to decide on important affairs. And then there is the Tavern.. a place where anyone is possible.

The Fall of the SS Empire
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Consequence Conquered By 5 Armies!
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The Story So Far

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Posted by Sauli Harmaajärvi on October 29, 2014 at 5:23pm 0 Comments

te makusi nälkään ja savua.


that happened.

ja tunsi suurta.

That which defines me: the whimsy of warnings

Posted by Allegra on October 29, 2014 at 4:30pm 1 Comment


Sometime a keeper here in Windsor Forest,
Doth all the…

Chapter III: Loneliness is....

Posted by Relina Vickers on October 29, 2014 at 12:30pm 0 Comments

It's so quiet in here, isn't it?.... They're all just so quiet, only talking when they're asked a question, or sometimes muttering incantations to themselves..... It's so strange, and pathetic.... The words roll off of the young man's tongue as emerald eyes slowly scan over the unfamiliar faces of those around him. The amorphous figures all seeming to just blend together to him. Like one large crowd of blurred…


Nix and Alaster.

Posted by Tyler Storm and others on October 29, 2014 at 6:55am 0 Comments

Name: Nix

Name: Alaster

Who am I?[Nix] Nix is a Holy Angel/Angel from the heavens with a…


Nitimur in Vetitum - Desiderata III

Posted by Aero Holter on October 29, 2014 at 5:30am 1 Comment

“And I, infinitesimal being, drunk with the great starry void, likeness, image of mystery, I felt myself a pure part of the…


Beauty and the Tweakers

Posted by Cassidy Walden on October 29, 2014 at 12:30am 0 Comments

“He said, 'They're only whores,' as though their very availability rendered them worthless.”

― Ellen Kushner, The Privilege of the Sword

"Common misconception, that," Cass chimed in, her voice loud over the arterial thump of the bass. Both men looked up in twitchy eyed surprise from where one was diligently cutting fat white lines atop the glossy cover of an ancient magazine featuring pictures of the Royal wedding. The Republican was, without doubt, the…


Returning from a long hiatus

Posted by Siberia Orla Tansy on October 28, 2014 at 8:42pm 0 Comments


Hello everyone! I have been having this roleplaying itch for a while now. I do not know why I decided to stop. It was soo fun back when I used to roleplay on myspace. Since that is no longer an option I have decided to jump on to this website and reactivate my character Siberia <3 

I can do single lines, paragraphs or stories. I usually have a tough time starting them. But if I get a good day I will send starters. Other than that if I am sent a starter I…


Entry Three: My Dreams

Posted by Radela O'Connor on October 28, 2014 at 3:30pm 0 Comments

It was odd. I saw someone I didn't expect. He was a new face. And if  I saw him again I would not recognize him. But it was odd. We were running. For a very long time. Things were chasing us. And we were scared. But then near the end of the dream we stop. There was this huge was of fire. It was intoxicating. And I swear I woke up with burn on my hands. But when I went to clean them in a stream they were fine. I don't know. Maybe I am crazy. Maybe I am finally loosing what is left of my mind.…


Entry Two: Some Poetry

Posted by Radela O'Connor on October 28, 2014 at 2:42pm 0 Comments

Days pass.
A song isn't enough to feed my hunger.
No hate shows through my eyes,
Yet I feel it in my chest like claws. 
Don't make it easy for me.

But don't make it hard.
For this poem of old,
Is all that I will let go.

My Gypsy Family

Posted by Syeira Alezar Malina Kanan on October 28, 2014 at 12:41am 0 Comments

My Father. he taught me a little bit about the guitar like how to hold it and what the notes sounded like, i took it from there. even though he has been gone for many years i still miss him very much…


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