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RolePages is an exciting experimental role playing site that uses elements of writing, art, and social networking to produce interactive stories that are created in real time by our entire community.

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Learn how to participate in RolePages.com interactive storytelling features and events and start telling your own epic tales with an engaged community of writers and artists.

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Vampires, werewolves, elves, aliens, wizards, zombies, monsters, heroes, rogues, villains, dragons, and anyone else you can imagine.

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Storytelling can take place in any location, city, country, world, galaxy or universe, with member created miniature versions of RolePages available for creating interactive tales.

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Dive into Hellifyno, world of magic, and take part in an epic interactive tale spanning time and space, that has continuously been told in an unbroken narrative over 8 years of storytelling.

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Main Story Arc – The Wages of Consequence

The next chapter in RolePages 9 year narrative history is set in the fabled city of Consequence. Often hailed as the capital of the magical world Hellifyno, this is a place that has fallen into deprivation over the past few years, as petty gangs, thugs, warlords, and cultic fads have all taken there toll, leaving it ripe for conquest by an ancient enemy. Augustus Giovanni. Vampire Lord of Hellifyno’s greatest, and most feared vampiric family. This is an immersive, interactive storytelling event, that will take place over the next several weeks, and will include blogs, forum posts, chat events, world building, and a few new experimental ideas. You can stay up to date on the Wages of Consequence Story Arc Page, and feel free to jump in and add your story to the fun!

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  • Location logo of the Butterfly Room+ 3
    active 1 day, 13 hours ago

    Hidden within the heart of Persistence, tucked deep inside the walls of a multi-level warehouse structure is the Butterfly Room. From the exterior, the Butterfly room looks like an unattractive storage facility, […]

    Public Location
  • Location logo of Arena of souls+ 1
    active 4 days, 23 hours ago

    An arena where god’s demon’s angle’s and man settle the differences in front of a crowed.

    Public Location
  • Location logo of Bonus Faction/Faction 0: Specter’s Pipo Ape Empire/Code C.H.I.M.P Military Base II+ 2
    active 6 days ago

    A new primary base of operations for Specter. The last one was destroyed during the events of Ape Escape 2, so improvements have been made.

    Here, Instead of the usual monkeys messing around, the player is given […]

    Public Location
  • Location logo of The Dueling Creature Brigade/T.D.C.B+ 1
    active 6 days, 4 hours ago

    A Bonus Faction, introduced in the fabled ”Finite Wars” Tournament War.

    The Dueling Creature Brigade, or ”T.D.C.B” is a mind-controlled cult-like hierarchy of creatures from a genre/universe called ’Duel […]

    Public Location

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Date/Time Event Description
8:00 pm-9:00 pm
Madooga Co. LLC Stockholder Meeting

After the end of the war and the Peace talks,...

8:00 pm-11:00 pm
And so it begins...

All Day
Finite War Cosmic Cup: First Single-Round Single 1v1 Elimination Tournament Event ((UPDATED:6/11/2018))

"Greetings...You May Not Know Me..But I...Know All About This Place.."...

All Day
OOC - Community Chat

This is a community and multimedia event where we will...

7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Hellifyno Peace Summit

(Note: Time is 7 PM MST Arizona, please adjust accordingly.)...

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