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List of Minor Characters.

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Arkhip Volkov: Kira’s older brother. Quiet. Assassin. Went back to Russia after helping his youngest brother, Ivan, in Poland getting that country back on its feet.

Ivan Volkov II: Youngest brother of Kira and Arkhip. Assassin. Bold. Worked a lot with the Polish Resistance during WWII. Stayed in Poland after the war to help establish the Polish Assassin branch and to help clean up. 

Mischa Volkov: Middle child of Kira. Mother unknown. Father of Kira Volkov II also known as Kevin Dooley. Assassin/ KGB agent. Left Russia when Kevin was of the age six to escape the Gulags. Lived in Ireland, Alaska, and Montana where he died. Was killed by Kevin.

Larissa Volkov I: Sister of Vadik Volkov. Master Assassin. 

Ivan Volkov I: Older bother of Vadik. Templar. Killed by Vadik.

Larissa Volkov II: Sister of Kevin. Stayed in Russia with surviving family when her father and brother fled. Is in Georgia helping reestablish a Slavic branch of the Brotherhood since the Russian branch has been compromised.  Also helps run the Volkov Family weapons trading company and the Volkov Family assassin branch.

Mstislav Volkov: Kevin’s older brother. Templar. Killed by Kevin via industrial meat grinder. 

Garth Volkov Dooley: Kevin’s son. Eric’s twin brother. Hockey player. Assassin.

Eric Volkov Dooley: Kevin’s son. Garth’s twin brother. Writer. Assassin.

Ana Volkov Dooley: Kevin’s daughter with Alexis. Twin sister to Irena. Assassin in training.

Irena Volkov Dooley: Kevin’s daughter with Alexis. Twin sister to Ana. Assassin in training.

Kirill Volkov Dooley: Kevin’s youngest son with Alexis. Will be trained to be an assassin.

Kirk VanDyke: Pilot. Good friend of Kevin’s. Worked for the BSAA. Helps the Brotherhood.

Sam: Young man that travels with James. Ancestor of Richford. 

Casca: Hispanic friend of James’. Quiet. Killed by Jag.

Jag: Untrustworthy man who rides with James. Flip flops sides. Murdered Casca. 

Richford: Officer. Wishes to become a political power. Starts a war to achieve his goals.


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