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Adam Williams


{Rules and other Things:
1. Right off the bat I am going to toss out a disclaimer: I am NOT Adam the Woo. 99% of you would already know this, but there’s always that one person who will think this. I am just a fan of his, who’s been watching his Youtube videos for years, and I thought… heck it! I’m going to make him into a roleplay character. So, join me in my RP adventures, shall you?

2. Also, the bio has been embellished, changed and altered to my liking. Mostly because I don’t know all his personal details, and that’s… okay. It forces me to use my imagination. And that’s okay, too.

3. 18+}

Director, Writer, Musician, Youtuber,… Born in Tupelo, MS on August 10, 1974, it was hard growing up in a household run by a father whom was a preacher. He was rather strict and Adam tended to be rebellious because of it. Like oil and water, they didn’t get along and soon Adam was out of the house and off on his own as soon as he was old enough to do so. By this time, the family was living in St. Cloud, Florida.
After leaving the house, his younger sister remained. Luckily for her, she was able to get along better with their parents than Adam could.
He passed up college and took odd jobs here and there, but his main passion was making videos. He wanted to be a film director, but good fortune hadn’t came his way yet.
Being rather a wild spirit, he had the punk mentality, yet remained as always a kind soul to others if they ever needed anything. He’d always help out a friend, or even a kind stranger if they’d ask for it.
Through the years, he’d assemble a nice array of tattoos on his body, and form his own style. He also always kept a sense of humor that would remain intact through all the trials and tribulations that life tossed his way.
He worked at a grocery store for awhile, then a little more than tens years at a stale job at a feed store was as far as he could go with it before he needed a change. He’d even joined punk bands here and there, but one wouldn’t stick until he ventured off to California.
Guttermouth was the band he’d join with friends and play the bass guitar. They formed in 1988, but Adam didn’t come along until 2013. They’re a punk band and doing quite well, having tours and releasing albums regularly. But, playing with other bands got old, and he wanted his own band. So, along the way, he formed three bands. The two prior were Hidden Children and Alias Clark. The one he currently heads is The New Threat (TNT).
He’d even find the time to make videos for the internet as well as travel around the country for his own entertainment. He’d meet a lot more friends this way, and even allow them to tag along on his adventures. By this time, his home was now California and, more specifically- Los Angeles.

His mother remains in Florida. His sister lives in Indiana, and he visits both when he can. His father has since passed away, and he never got the chance to heal the wounds that had happened between them. So, that is always a solid regret he has to live with for the rest of his days.

But, one of the distractions he has is his love of Disney; all things Disney. He has season passes to Disneyland, and goes there often. He also has a love of movies of all kinds, and he likes passing the time watching them. He also films the locations, and has a huge knowledge of the movies, the scenes, the actors and all the behind-the-scenes action.
And, what he doesn’t know, he works hard to learn. But, above all else, his humor is what keeps him grounded. He doesn’t smoke, and he stopped drinking a few years ago. He’s also on a diet to help regulate his weight as he got deep into a depression awhile back and was putting on the pounds. His mindset is different now and he wants to be healthier. so far, so good.
He can be immature, and he’ll never lose that childlike sense of wonder, but he can get down at times. He can be found off on his own, away from others to be by himself. It helps to clear his mind, as well as deal with problems when he doesn’t want others interfering.
The problems with drinking can come up from time to time, but he does his best to keep the habit kicked. Instead of booze, he likes to have smoothies and lattes now. Coffee is his best friend.
Full Name: Adam Michael Williams
Nicknames: Woo, Adam the Woo, A-Man
Species: Human
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 210 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown (Graying)
Birthdate: August 10, 1974
Place of Birth: Tupelo, MS
Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Marital Status: Single
Children: 0
Siblings: 1 Younger Sister (Faith)
Father: Jim Williams (Deceased)
Mother: Mary Williams
Sexual Preference: Straight
Body: Gut- but trying to lose it, Tattoos, Tongue Stud
Former Bands: Hidden Children, Alias Clark
Current Band: The New Threat (TNT)
Member Of The Band (TNT):
Adam (The Woo) Williams –
MAIN – Bass Guitar / Lead Vocals / Lyrics

CAN ALSO DO – Guitar, Piano

Occasionally Plays / Tours With: Guttermouth
Able to Play: Bass Guitar (Started playing at age 27), Piano, Guitar
Instruments Learning: Cello
Top Favorite Drink: Mt. Dew
Other Favorite Drinks: Coffee, Lattes, Skinny PB&J, Smoothies, Gatorade
Top Favorite Food: Roast Beef Sandwich
Other Favorite Foods: Chips, Ice Cream, (Trying to eat Healthier)
Hobbies: Traveling, Playing Guitar, Making Videos, Vlogging, Reading, Watching Movies, Collecting
Favorite Place in the World: Disneyland
Favorite Music: TNT, Guttermouth -duh, Punk, Pop Punk, Elvis, 80’s rock, 90’s rock alternative
Favorite Movies: Peewee’s Big Adventure, Halloween, Back to the Future, Napoleon Dynamite, C.H.U.D.
Favorite Decade: 1980’s
Top Favorite Year: 1985
Favorite Baseball Team: New York Yankees

Who Am I...

The Woo

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

As a young lad I always was fascinated more with what was behind the scenes than in front of the general public. This passion was directed into two areas. The real world and the film world . I longed to know how movies were made as well as to know what was “behind that curtain”.


I got a little older and was able to borrow VHS camera equipment in the 80s from people my parents knew because we couldn’t afford it. Thus began my movie making career. Over 20 years have past and sadly I have not gotten much better at it. However, Ive trudged along. Thanks for the Internet I can now promote my horrible videos to the world.


I choose to film things that are of intrest to me…the abandoned, decayed and forgotten places of my youth as well as places I never knew about. Never stop learning !


Some people try to put a label on what I do, but I just do my own thing and march to my own drummer. I do not take myself or my videos too seriously. I never claimed to be a pro photographer or entertaining. Those who criticize aren’t being forced to watch.


I will NEVER break into a place, steal anything, spray paint walls or destroy anything. I am completely oppossed to all these things! I film whats there, no more, no less. Consider me your fly on the wall. If something is completely accessable and empty its common knowledge that plenty of people have been there before me. I am not inventing the wheel here, only displaying it.

My Appearance

Tall, Hairy Human who’s covered in Tattoos.


Hat, Sunglasses, Cell Phone, Camera, A Plethora Of T-Shirts, Checkerboard Backpack, Season Passes To Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farms Amusement Parks, A Child-like Sense Of Wonder, An Adventurous Spirit

My Secrets Are...

Secret. That’s why they’re called SECRETS.

I Believe...

You have to get out there and live your life to the fullest doing what you love.



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