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I’m a Dragon. I don’t remember much of my younger days, except for the hunters that came into our cave. They killed my nest mates. My mother was able to save me.


Fast forward twelve short years, and I was already an assassin with the Order of Shadow. Where was the region? I don’t remember. All I remember is the wealth we had. Until I was around 25. Somehow we were infiltrated. And that was when the entire organization, except me, was wiped out. I sensed that something was going to happen. So I left before that.


I’ve spent the last seven years as a mercenary. Nothing excites me more than the chase and the eventual kill.

Who Am I...

Jet. I don't remember my last name.

Romantic Interests


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My Story Is...

I was an assassin most of my life. Once the organization I was born into was wiped out, I began my life as a mercenary.

My Appearance

Black hair, cyan eyes and pale skin. She has horns that give off a faint glow, which intensifies based on her emotions. The stronger the emotion, the brighter the glow. She’s a Cave Dragon, so the light helps her kind see in the dark.

My Secrets Are...

If I trust you, I will tell you. There is no promise, however.

I Believe...

We're all the same inside. Some are just better at hiding their dark desires.