Alexandria Tobias

Who Am I...

Princess of Dragons, Ruler of Flames, And Queen of Succubi

Romantic Interests

A little bit of everything

Relationship Status

Married but open

My Story Is...

Born when the earth was young along with my older twin brother Leo. I’m profecient in shape shifting magic but my true form is that of a red dragon.

During the crusades I found a demon girl being attacked by by holy knights. Her parents had been slain in front of her eyes. In a fit of rage I fought them off just barely leaving them alive. I took the girl back to my home and nursed her for years until she recovered from the shock and her injuries. Even then I was happy for the company and to have her stay. Even if I had knights at my door every other week. We started to fall in love and once the renaissance began we were married. After an… eventful few days after the wedding we where brought down to hell. And my wife was revealed to have gained so much power that she was named Queen of Succubi. Along with me by her side. This added to my powers as a Royal Dragon and allowed me some of the powers of my now wife.

But enough about that all that serious stuff. Now days I’m a party girl that likes running my club, The Scaly Hide, and enjoying what it has to offer. I enjoy dressing myself up and catching the eyes of everyone around me. What can I say I LOVE being in the spotlight. And all the attention that gets me in more ways than one

My Appearance

I’m always in a nice dress even when I’m on the clock. My ruby red hair goes down to my hips and I’m taller than most women but shorter than some guys. If I have to dress casual I wear tight fitting jeans with a tshirt and a denim jacket. And no matter what my make-up is always perfect and sexy. I make sure of it. I have a clunky old suit of armor but that’s only for “OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” type situations


Profile pic taken from

Koz23 on Deviant art. (If you want me to take it off just let me know!)


Ummm IDK. I have lots of stuff!

My Secrets Are...

Secrets!!! Duh!

I Believe...

In the magic of a good time