Gaige Scoluce


1.No godmoding

2.Be nice

3. I’m okay with any kind of content (I like fantasy/paranormal the most but I’ll work with others)

4. 18+ stuff like blood and sexual stuff is fine but tell me in advance thank you.

Who Am I...

A noble far from home.

Romantic Interests

None (see if you can change that)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Gaige was born into a very wealthy and well known family and lived with his mother, father and sister until he was nine years old but after that the world took a very dark turn for the poor boy. His mother was killed in cold blood in front of his eyes. His father broken completely by the death of his wife became very cold and abusive to Gaige and his sister. One week before Gaige’s tenth birthday his sister ran away from home leaving him alone with his father. Gaige was train everyday in how to fight and was subjected to cruel dark magics changing him. The rest you will have to find out for yourself.

My Appearance

Gaige is very tall around six foot five inches tall with solid white hair that stops just above his shoulders and hangs in his face. His skin is very pale, almost white. His facial features are very sharp and pointed. His left eye is a light blue and his right is a dark red. In his grin sharp fangs are visible.


A small journal and pen.His black silk cloths plated with metal on the chest, shoulders and legs.A chain necklace with two rings hanging on it.

My Secrets Are...

Mine alone

I Believe...

I can try to save anyone.