Accelerator "Ze" Traunmesviel








….Beginning data transfer; target located, initiating Angeloid scrutinizing




..Subject; Accelerator “Ze” Traunmesviel




..Process complete: recording information



Name: Accelerator “Ze” Traumesviel


Race: Angeloid


Model: 3rd generation Angeloid Class Orion


Hair: Silver


Eyes: Sky blue with power symbols as Irises


Body Type: Petite


Breast Type: Large


System Tech: “Synapse data transportation Tech”


Skin color: Fair caucasian


Moral Type: Neutral


Manufactured: forty years ago



Wing Design Found —–

Anomaly detected, difficulty progressing with wing detail. Seems to have a cloaking defense mechanism: interrupting 3D modeling, forcing a reboot. Data collected suggests six butterfly shaped wings…losing imaging due to buzzing…radio interference… lost.

Examining personality —–

Subject seems to show signs of unusual acts upon civilians: appearing to act in essence like a child when it comes to interaction, showing signs of cuteness and unpredictable behaviour.

However, upon further study the information gathered suggests shied responses when some topics are mentioned: shifting moods rapidly.

Finally the target has been found to be very aggressive and blood thirsted in battle; completely changing her normal behavior patterns.

In depth Technology investigation —–  

Synapse data transportation Tech; It’s a specialized and simple technology that Isn’t overall complicated and works by calling upon specific or partial manifestations of Angeloid weapons directly from the Synapse Itself through the timelines via Data transfers and then unlocking these data streams to cause them to revert back Into a physical state.

Hyper-Acceleration; a trademark of all Angeloids 3rd generation and above, allows all Angeloids to fly at supersonic speeds of up to Mach 23; which Is 5,000 miles coverage In under Ten minutes. While not Ideal In close quarters flying due to the near Impossibility of making sharp Instant turns a skilled Angeloid however can time the multi-angle bursts of Hyper-acceleration in flight to change corners or surrounding airborne units as fast as lightning.

Momentum Cancellation Barrier; Through the use of AIM barrier tech this projects a field spanning a fan-like shape in front of the Angeloids frame. this barrier “reverses” the effects of Vectors by freezing objects at a molecular level solid. as If the person caught In the barrier was frozen by a stasis field. bullets, people, machines, supernatural elemental forces, rockets, bomb blasts, blades, energy swords etc…anything with solid mass will be frozen In place by this defensive shield.

Momentum Cancellation Barrier + Molecular Explosion; A combinational tech that makes use of the defense qualities of the Barrier Itself, after a person has been ensnared by the barrier Itself and frozen, the AIM diffusion field used as a layered shell for projection the field can then be tweaked by the Angeloid, thusly but drastically and Instantly shifting the wavelengths of the AIM field to produce waves that break down the molecular bonds, allows the Shield to expand to tear through and disassemble the molecular of what has contact with the barrier. In other words It Literally “Erases” matter causing It to shatter.

Barrage Of Railguns; This makes use of Accel’s Ark system to transport Dataerized signals sent by the Synapse homeworld to materialize these signal’s from their data forms Into physical representations they were before hand, In this case she “Summons” Forty massive Railgun firing Cannons. these cannons are shaped In a manner similar to Rosiel’s Arcublas cruz Immense futuristic Guns. Imitating a handgun-like appearance which dwarfs the overall size of the angeloid Itself. Painted In a golden and silver designed, when Summoned they create a Gigantic Grid-like wall in front of the Angeloid. they are suspended In mid-air by Individual gravitational generators. and fire Railgun propelled Electrical charged shells capable of reaching an estimate 7,000 MPH speed In less than one second after firing. Each gun Is also able to be directly Interfaced with by the Angeloid and controlled like a remote, allowing them be shifted In formation and even react like mini-aircraft to surround and overwhelm any opponents In seconds.

Species Information —–

First off all Angeloids are female, It’s either very rare or especially unique to see male angeloids. If at all with exception of the Master of the Angeloids home; the Synapse. Modeled over the Literal former dimension of the dead “Heaven.”, Angeloid’s are entirely robotic constructs powered by a “Star-generator” of super-nova condensed proportions, their body’s are while keeping to the natural typical aspect of Android design they are coated with Mark-VII paltersonic Armour which can handle a direct hit by an Angeloid dreadnought which’s main cannon Is capable of disintegrating and cleaving chunks of planets away equal to roughly 900 trillion tons of TNT power. Angeloids are also retrofitted with a Unique A.I core stored In the head, that Is constructed and molding from the digitized cyber-spaced personality of deceased Humans causing the Programming of the A.I to gain and reflect more human Properties than actual machine ones e.g; Emotions, feelings etc are then present. of course the A.I of an angeloid can grow and evolve to gain things outside the personality It was given as well. Angeloids are also reflected by the past, this being that each and every angeloid reflects a dead historical figure or extinct species Examples are; Chaos reflects on a vampire, and Rosiel a Seraphim Angel. these reflections are always appearance based the reason why remaining unknown most likely an Inspiration of the maker In a world where all supernatural life Is Dead. The Angeloid body structure weighs at around two thousand tons, the skin being a synthetic layer that secretes a smooth non-smelling liquid to Imitate a sleeky unnatural smooth feel to the touch, lips, eyes, pheromones and taste Is all artificially created and designed In a way that makes It appear unmistakably Real. Angeloids however are like walking Overpowering fortress’s and as such aren’t light enough to move with any supernatural speed or reflexes, because of this most Angeloids develop their own unique way of propelling their frames at high speed through their Technology.

Physically This doesn’t become as much of a disadvantage to angeloids as If they were to grab another being It’d be Nigh Impossible to escape the grip through any physical means unless they themselves were machine also. The next half Angeloids have an Immensely High processing power and Intellect shown by how their processing power Is akin to running Five-thousand supercomputers at once In their head. with no apparent limit to more. which Is a requirement for using their Phi manipulation, Angeloids possess Electric dampers and fire layered synthetic skin to Stunt the effects of either, they are minorly susceptible to Chaff and wavelength jamming, but It hardly weakens an Angeloids system or their Tech still allowing them to function as normal through It.

Synapse recollection —–

A.F stands for “After Fall.” And Is a general term the rest of the non-magical empire species used to mark the beginning of the new Quadrillion year span, but usually used to describe as the time the Angeloids “Fell” through a tear In space and appeared In the universe along with the Synapse The “Synapse” Is like stated was formally called “Heaven” by humans and the former angel’s who Inhabited this extra-dimensional space. Along with the other supernatural species the Angel’s were either rumored to have been massacred from within, or possibly died out over time. Most angeloids tend to believe the first theory then the second one. The Synapse Is a continental Dimension made up of twenty-six floating mechanical Island’s that mimic deep futuristic city’s the Synapse generates It’s own AIM diffusion field that projects a wide net of Virtual reality warps around the entire span of It’s surrounding location, similar to If a fly got caught within a spherical bubble. This Bubble Is then filled by reflected “Light” that shuts out all projections making It seem “Camouflage Into the background to any outside eyes. but Inside turns Into a sunny blue skied Interior on the Inside to the eyes and visual’s of another being present Inside. The Synapse has no man automated defense systems or outside weapons In-case surprise attacks or Invasions. Usually pointless considering the entire Synapse Is populated by nothing but 2.4 Billion Angeloids who are each substantial Threats alone to entire fleets of warships. the Synapse Is very similar to another modern city disregarding It’s transparent reinforced glass floors that allow you peer down A Nine thousand meter drop Into nothingness blue. and very uniquely shaped yet serenely Iridescent towering buildings In streams of Gold, silver and red colors. The synapse has no major government, no coalition of old people or wise people gathered around a table making decisions, Instead the Synapse Is both jointly ruled and Guided by “The Makers.” referred to by the Angeloids as the “Masters.” or “Mothers of Synapse.” and neither referred to In a good light but never In a bad one either, usually portrayed as the Machine Goddess’s of the Synapse and the sole reasons for the Angeloids creations. theory’s range from them both are some extreme force from an Incomprehensible Universe. Or were some form of beyond sleeping entity that was awakened by the Non-supernatural being’s massacre wars for all their many reasons after the extinction of all magical life. Usually never seen wandering outside the Synapse’s central Palace.

the Synapse also Is ranked with angeloid’s and this usually apply’s to It’s specific make, First generation Angeloids; these Angeloids obvious trademarks are lacking unique wings, or System Arc Tech’s and usually make up the bulk of either the Synapse’s Soldiers, nurses, medical staff In the hospital’s, engineers, architect’s etc etc that Include normal maintained roles within Angeloid society. The Second Generation Angeloids; Most obvious trademarks are Unique Six or more wing’s that work In tandem to Use their tremendous Ark Tech. Second generation Angeloids Usually work as the singular shields and guardian’s of the Synapse due too their Personal construction by the Fate-weaver Angeloids and the makers and Immense force because of It. the second Gen’s also are usually mobilized to slaughter entire planets or wipe out entire army’s to allow the main Angeloid armies to usually never so much as suffer a single casualty. Second generation Angeloids hold those jobs within angeloid society, “Fate-weaver” Angeloids are angeloids touched by the “Makers” and as such make up the bulk of Assassin’s, and constructor’s of their fellow angeloids. Gifted with the enigmatic power of fate-weaving and something known as the “Eyes of the makers.” Which allow them to see Into the future and alternate Timelines and possibilitys, make them exceptionally devastating or extremely good at either Job of constructing or killing they choose. With the ranking Hierarchy aside, the Synapse Is connected by Massive wide-standing bridges that shoot out from each of the 24 Island and connect onto each of the others for passage between said Islands. disregarding the city’s each Island Is about the size of New York (*For a visual you may be familiar with.*) and Includes Forest life, plants, even animal’s of all varying types roaming said forest regions and park spots. the Synapse can twist and shape Into a absurdly massive dreadnought and Space ship If under very dire threat or circumstances for protection. but aside from that the City’s and small villages and towns populating each Island has the same kind of things one might expect from your usual city or such and such In forms of entertainment or fun.

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