Arven Sique


A strange being who hints, but seldom tells, and speaks with double meanings and half-truths. The very nature of Arven Sique’s being is enigmatic. He maintains that he works for the greater good, specifically that of humans, but such a vague mantra leaves his immediate motivations less transparent. And yet he always seems businesslike, polite, and courteous, with the exception of those to whom he takes exception.

The creator and distributor of many strange and powerful artifacts, he is the head of an organization called Foris Corp, which is housed on a particular version of earth that has been granted nearly unlimited access to the multiverse, and all the goods and beings it has to offer. Using this position, Foris Corp frequently engages in facilitating trade throughout the realms, and seeking out particularly powerful items, which Arven takes into safe keeping.

His ‘agents’ may be encountered occasionally, and they come with as much variety and diversity as an unlimited multiverse can offer.

Arven’s adult daughter, Tagei Sique, is his only family member, and while she is fiercely independent, and often pursuant of her own designs and goals, remains close to her father, if only in spirit.