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Dark Rose

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Her never ending story.

Only brief history.

Dark Rose is a young girl she was faerie, her parents were from the world of narnia, the magical realm. THERE WAS HOWEVER the darkness.
The darkness was the sole destruction of narnia.

Aquarius Apollo her fae parents flee for there lives across the plane of magical tyme.

Her father pushes Aquarius through the time gap created from dark magic.

Aquarius heavily pregnant with child.

The darkness takes the world of narnia every lmmagical being slaughtered.

Apollo was pushed back through to narnia slaughtered in carage.

Aquarius gave birth to a baby girl Dark Rose.

Aquarius perished at the birth.

Adopted by human parents only reaching the age of 18 did she turn immortal memories of her true heritage finally dawning on her.

Dark Rose was the last of her kind from narnia.

The next chapter…

London 2018..

Out with friends..

Walking home she was about to teleport home..

Something dark formed from mist the power of the fae was fully engaged.

Warfare of the fit. 

Death for the loser.


Bearing down on her…

The Vampires kiss..

Count Vladimir Belikov…

The house of Belikov ancient vampire six thousand years old he was dieing from a previous encounter.

He needed blood but this was outlawed by the vampire council, his choice to die or drink. He chose to drink..Her blood was of spring morning dew light. 

Knowing she wasn’t quite a human.

Striking her draining her blood

The war left him half dead from dark rose draining the fae blood

She had a choice Die or Live.

Belikov forced dark rose to drink his blood.

The house of belikov had a new child Dark Rose  

Carrying her in his muscular arms his biceps bulging arriving back.

Her identity was fully gathered known.

Having all the vampire strength but none of there weakness.



This is where her story starts…

The hybrid Faerie Vampire was born first of her kind..


Help her continue the story to write in chapters each episode of her immortal life..

My Appearance

See thy self.. 


LEAVE ME ALONE… in her journal. 

My Secrets Are...

Why should she tell you, she would need to kill you. 

I Believe...

To be left alone.