Arabelle Briar



She’s usually cold, but playful in a way. She usually wants to avoid swells or intense emotions, but she can’t always avoid them.


??? Appears 21…


– She can’t age

–  She can’t die by usual human causes; Can heal/regenerate wounds (Ex. Shoot her anywhere, she’ll survive and heal, but rip out her heart or cut off her head? Yeah, she’ll be dead.)

– She can Take/Consume souls of any living things (unless other character is not considered alive/is immune to such things due to some circumstance)

– Can communicate with dead people (Cause they’re souls, duh…)

– Can teleport in a “thing of shadows” (Basically a bunch of pissed off souls)

– To some extent, she can feel what others can feel, but only if they have a soul.

– Leading off of the last, she can somewhat control emotions, but takes a lot of restraint not to consume the soul.


– Can’t feel heat or cold since she’s sort of dead… So she can only “feel” if there is a physical thing putting pressure on her.

– She lacks emotional ties/ strong emotions, and usually doesn’t know how to deal with a great influx of them.

– She still has a beating heart, and a need for a certain amount of blood pumping through her veins, but blood can be quickly replenished. (So, ripping out her heart and wounds like that would kill her.)

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Arabelle was once a happy and lively woman. A daughter of an influential and wealthy family in England, she had everything life could give to her.

But in 1887, her life changed- no, was taken from her. Her father was holding a party for a recent and successful business deal; and more than just his associates came. One moment she was dancing, socializing, and having the time of her life.

The next, she was laying on the cold, cobblestone streets without her soul.

It’s been years since that night, since she found herself as a freezing husk of a human.

Since then, she’s made her existence… Comfortable.

She could no longer age, no longer die by usual human causes.

She’s lived many lives, taken on many different names. She has been a mother, a peasant, a priestess to many faiths, a member of numerous royal families, a keeper of many secrets…

But no matter where she went, no matter who she said she was, she was always known as one single thing.

A monster.

A taker of souls, the disbalancer of Life and Death.  For whoever she touches, whatever living thing that grazes beneath her bare fingers, she consumes, and takes their soul.

A powerful being with no want for it, Arabelle now lives her many years taking on different names, living different lives, and continuing her existence, searching for something that she has yet to indentify in her many, many lives.

My Appearance

A seraphic beauty with paler than death skin, grey/silver eyes, and blacker than night hair.


Though what she carries with her will usually depend on when and where, she will most certainly always have on a pair of gloves on her hands, a way of preventing her from consuming the soul from anyone she touches, and either make up or a veil (depending in when) to hide her less-than-human features from the prying eyes of others.

My Secrets Are...

Too many to name.