Elle Noire

Who Am I...

Danielle Victoria Noire, a coffee shop barista. And apparently a demigoddess now. Don't ask how, I don’t really get it, but yeah.

Relationship Status

Single, but not going out of my way to change that.

My Story Is...

Well, imagine a little human girl going and getting a job at a coffee shop. And then eventually waking up at the bottom of the ocean, in a glass dome. And this dude, who looks like he should have been dead a long time ago, takes my  this girl’s leg, and bam. She’s waking up in her bed. With magic and shit now. I don’t know.

My Appearance

5’2″, black and white hair, grey eyes, pale skin, occasional tattoos


It varies, because I just shove half of my stuff into my desk or on my bed, but I always have a small thing of superglue, a swiss army knife, a granola bar, business cards, and my phone. And cash, if I remember to take any with me.

My Secrets Are...

I have at least three coffees each day… yeah, my life is fairly simple. Also, I steal the pens. And bring them back when we run out. Because they always seem to all be gone at the end of the week.