DamnedX/Zak Zalewski


DamnedX/Zak Zalewski

Who Am I...

I’m a human who doesn’t know how he ended up here

Romantic Interests

Mostly female humans but any female will suit fine

Relationship Status

Last known in a relationship

My Story Is...

I was returning home from my work as a Grocery store closing Bagger then all of a sudden a flash appeared before my eyes and I arrived down the street from Red Sun Inn and that’s the first place I entered in

My Appearance



my duffle bag backpack filled with my safety vest two pairs of gloves one smaller then the other in order to slip one on over the other a balaclava face mask a heavy jacket four thowing knives two full size multi tools one assisted opening knife one multi knived tool and a flint and steel a phone case including a pair of headphones with lightning adapter one pill of Vicodin one micro usb cord with a two USB adapter and one stress ball colored in light blue my survival wallet including a pocket survival guide a small lighter a box of matches various reward cards and medical insurance cards a small multi tool and a spark striker my uniform consists of a white short sleeve shirt followed by a white long sleeve shirt followed by a white buttoned up shirt with a neck knife and a black tie followed by a zip up light blue light sweatshirt and a black light zip up jacket along with four pairs of socks three long length one short length while wearing a pair of athletic shorts followed by a pair of sweatpants followed by a pair of black work pants with a black belt and one pair of work boots colored in black in the pockets are a few labels off of a Aquafina water bottle two Dasani labels one Gatorade label two various size plastic circles two assisted opening knives attached to my pockets and one phone attached to my belt is one pocket watch and one assisted opening knife on my person is one wrist watch and one pair of wireless headphones

My Secrets Are...

if you’re lucky I’ll open up to you about it

I Believe...

i don’t believe in a certain religion but I believe everyone should be treated equally



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