“Why…why do I have to grow up? Why do I have to sacrifice everything that I love for a fate that is not of my own choosing? I won’t do it. I’ll never do it. I’LL NEVER GROW UP!!!”

That night, after seeing his future in the Spring Of Fate, Peter Pan vowed that he would never grow up, that he would never let his destiny move down the dark twisted path that had been shown to him. However, it wasn’t just his future he had seen, but those of others as well, intertwined with his own dark path. So he hunted down those souls and took them from their families, the ones who would raise them into the dark future he had seen and brought them to a place he called Neverland. They would be known as the Lost Boys, and together they would remain young forever, never growing up. They had many adventures together, gaining many new friends from Neverland and other realms alike. They fought the likes of Hook and his group of pirates and won.

However, over the years, more and more would be drawn to Neverland, finding it to be abundant in power. Peter and his Lost Boys rose to meet these challenges, fighting for their home, for their right to live as they were. But in the end, they could not hide from their dark destinies. Soon a new threat, one they had never faced before was upon them. He was The Devil Lord, and with him came a darkness like none they could scarcely imagine. Many of the Lost Boys were killed, or captured as sacrifices to The Devil Lord, and before long only Pan and the original Lost Boys he had taken in as infants were left. They had all changed, the long war with this pitch black darkness melding them into something they never wanted to be. In the end, it was the capture, rape, and torture of their fairy comrade Tinkerbell that sent Peter over the edge and into oblivion.

Along with Tootles, Nibs, and Slightly, Peter took the battle to The Devil Lord, facing him in battle while his friends watched. With one final blow, Peter Pan struck down the Dark Lord, his iron mask shattering, and to the horror of all watching, Peter most of all, it was his face that lay beneath it. It was then that he understood. Neverland had been created by him to get away from his destiny. He had shut away his dark half, the part of him he had seen in the Spring Of Fate so many centuries ago. And because of that, it had grown stronger and stronger, taking on a separate form of it’s own, holding as much power over Neverland as Peter Pan himself. It was he who had killed all of his friends, he who had tortured Tinkerbell into insanity. In that moment, all he could do was laugh. He couldn’t run from his destiny. He couldn’t hide from what was meant to be, and thus he embraced The Devil Lord and welcomed the darkness, unable to run any longer.

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