Adriel Cabello

Who Am I...

The Big Brother of Mayhem

My Story Is...

See, at some point in my life ma and pa were supposed to have another kid besides me, but some shady men in black with dark sunglasses decided the kid was gonna be better off without us. They did receive a check so big it stretched from Miami to Cuba (figuratively speaking), so everything went untold. Meanwhile, everyone was preparing for the end of the world scenario and what do I see? Years passed the kid who was supposed to be my brother was some sort of ultimate weapon to end the wars of all wars. Between Gods and Monsters, Angels and Demons and such. One Hit Wonder, and no there ain’t no pun intended. Years passed, and where do I find myself? Serving my country and protecting the world… See, they decided to take the fallen angel and fuse their DNA with mine. It wasn’t much, save for that I could fly, heal others and myself, do some fancy light shows and punch harder than Tyson during his glory days… Ironically: Raphael was the name they gave my little brother who is still unaware of his family’s existence. He was named after the angel of healing, while my name was chosen ironically…The Angel of Destruction… In the dark of the day and the bright of the night, two dead brothers got up to fight. They stood back to back, and faced each other. Drew their swords and shot one another….