Earl Gray


Earl Gray

Romantic Interests


My Appearance

Earl is a salty old man who’s seen more than his fair share of life, but still finds a bit of liveliness in adventure. A combat medic and an alchemist, Earl has seen a lot of ction that has had unfortunate effects on his body. A primitive mechanical left arm has replaced his flesh arm after a grenade incident. A knife has severed his right eye, which has since been replaced by scar tissue and a false eye. Modern tactical clothing is his preferred choice of garb save for a knit green cap that keeps his failing gray hair at bay. The bottom half of his face cannot be seen due to the great wealth of a gray beard that he possesses.


The TechnoBox (Christine)

Earl keeps a box with him of advanced technological composition. At it’s heart, it is a matter generator. The box is like a 3D printer that generates items within its vast database out of the cellular composition that they are naturally made of. While it cannot instill life, it can create tissue to replace living tissue. Likewise, it can create lifeless versions of living items, such as a frog or a bird. The limitations are more of size than of complexity, able to create most anything that is up to 8x8x4 in cubic inches.

Hacker’s Tablet (Jessica)

This tablet is advanced in that it is more powerful than the modern available tablets. Otherwise, it is just a tablet with many programs installed that aide in programming and hacking into other systems.

Mechanical Arm (Betty)

Earl’s left arm is a primitive version of a mechanical arm. It is engineered with outdated software which he modifies with Jessica to suit what he needs it to do. For the most part, it functions just as a normal arm would, albeit constructed of metal and obviously stronger and more durable than its fleshy counterpart.

Mod #1: Earl has modified Betty to consume and mix components, turning them into an alchemical pill that liquefies after a few seconds; long enough to be placed into a vial.

Gas Gun (Rachel)

Earl’s only weapon is a gas powered hand cannon. The ammunition it utilizes are specially made by him and carry some form of alchemical concoction that is both, injected into its target and spread over the surface area around the impact point.

Alchemical Materials

While he often creates the materials he needs for his alchemy, there’s often premade potions and concoctions stored in pockets and belt holsters around his body.

My Secrets Are...

Earl is a non-traditional combat medic. His only powers (not including alchemical skills) are based around positive energy. Positive energy instills positive feelings, relieves pain, soothes, calms, and improves physical attributes such as strength, speed, and stamina; most importantly, it improves a person’s luck. It removes fear, speeds up the natural healing process, and rebukes the undead. Positive energy is diametrically opposed to negative energy. Everything that is good, is derived from positive energy. While under the effects of positive energy, injuries will not worsen, bleeding stops, and pain effectively disappears.

Blinding Flash

Earl can cause a burst of positive energy in the form of a blindingly bright light, to a radius of 10-feet out centered on his body. This light does little more than causes a very short term blinding effect on those within the blast (minutes unshielded) and irritation to those outside the blast (cannot see objects within the blast and likely need to shield their eyes).

Positive Energy Channeling

Earl can infuse just about everything with positive energy. Physical contact can transfer positive energy through the connection without Early having to concentrate. Earl can channel positive energy through an interruptible beam while concentrating to anything within 30-feet. Earl can also infuse positive energy into any alchemical creation he makes.

Rebuke Undead

As undead creatures are creatures of negative energy, positive energy is extremely effective at forcing the undead away. At best, it simply makes the undead desire to be elsewhere. At worse, undead are completely eradicated.

I Believe...

in Christine, Jessica, and Betty.