Sgt. Katie Eleanor James





Katie was born in the harsh and unforgiving territory of the Australian Outback on a station that ran draught masters and sheep.


Katie grew up with  her 5 brothers, her father and the team of jackaroos, jillaroos and wranglers; Katie was not your average girl.

There were no barbie dolls, pretty princess dresses, lipstick and tea parties found in this little girls bedroom.  It was Ariat boots, wrangler jeans, Akubras, ropes, motorbikes, horses and her best friend Jack, her dopey but loyal Kelpie.

She had gotten Jack as a pup when she was just 5 years old. The two had been inseparable ever since. He wasn’t the best farm dog, he would get distracted by grasshoppers or birds when they were trying to round up the sheep. Or he wouldn’t watch where he was going when they herded them into sheep yards and he would run straight into the gates.  But he never gave up, always got the job done, and he never left her side.

Everyday she was up before the sun and her father would struggle to get her to bed at night. The farm was her world, her oyster and she loved, passionately, every square inch of it.

You’d hardly ever find her inside, she was constantly on the move with Jack in toe. As a young girl she could be found in the sheds hunting for snakes, which terrified her father and she was generally disciplined fairly severely for this. Swimming in the creeks and dams, hunting rabbits and foxes or training for the next camp draft, which she won most of the time.


Her love of the station went further then that though and as soon as she could talk she was telling the shearers how to clip the wool properly or watching the men muster and brand cattle.

Every chance she got she was out riding her dirt bike or on her Clyde cross inspecting boundary fences. As soon as she was old enough she was the one mustering the cattle, shearing the sheep, fixing the fences and keeping the feral pigs, rabbits and foxes out!

Being a girl never stopped her, in fact that made her stronger, more independent, head strong, determined and committed, especially when you work and live in a mans world. She wasn’t like the girls in town that the boys found in the pub on the weekends.  The ones that got dolled up, flirted and took the men to their beds. She was different and the permanent workers treated her like she was their own sister or daughter, everyone was family on the station.  It all paid off too. Her hard working ethic, her ability to work harder and longer then some of the men earned her the respect of all the men that worked for her father, even the occasional drifter that stopped by during the shearing season.


Although none would dare try anything on Katie, she could handle her self but the men always had her back if someone tried something on her.

But it was her father and brothers that were the ones that really mattered, that really looked after her. She was the youngest in the family and only female on the farm and after what happened to her mother, they protected her everywhere she went.

She can’t really remember her mother that well. Katie was only 2 when her mother, Eleanor, died. There are a few things that she remembers though, happy memories that would come to mind every so often when she felt happy. Memories like her mothers happy and playful laugh when they were in the garden playing. The way her mother smelt of fresh homemade scones, strawberry jam, lavender hay and dusty earth. Simple but peaceful memories that she treasured. Her father would tell her she was a spitting image of her mother, tell her stories of how she was the prettiest woman in the area, how she loved Katie, cherished her, her little angel, her little girl she had yearned for. Katie relished in the stories her father told when she was cooking or in the garden or when they were out riding, just the two of them, alone, spending quality time together.

So, It was no surprise that when Katie’s 18th birthday came around that she enlisted into the Australian Army. However she only enlisted as a reserve and decided to coincide her training with university. Three years later at 21 she finally became an active medic within the army.


She trained harder then most, was more disciplined then most and showed great potential as an expert marksman. She shone bright with potential and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Before she knew it she was training as a sniper.

With her medical skills, almost perfect record and skills with a rifle, she was beginning to overcome the challenges the army had to offer. She needed more…she need to go further…she needed to expand her horizons. With the support of her team and her superiors she applied for a position with a prestigious and exclusive squad.

Her LTGEN called her into his office and congratulated her on the acceptance she received.

Katie had had her application for the first ever joint mission lateral transfer  to the United States, accepted!!!

She would be joining the Alpha Omega Fire Team. She would be the first female.

It was the highest honour she could receive in her career.



The first thing you’ll notice about Katie is she is fiercly Independent, Dedicated and a real Tom Boy. Yet dont let thay fool you underneath the rough edges she’s super Kind, Gentle and Loving. She has a huge heart but she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve and doesn’t give much away in terms of how she’s feeling. She will always put other people first, and put the needs of others before her own. She would rather freeze then see someone cold, she would rather be starving then see someone hungry and she would give you the umbrella when its raining.

Katie is a Very private person as she hates to burden people with her own problems.







Who Am I...

Sgt. James. K : Medic and Secondary Designated Marksman

Romantic Interests

Master Sergeant Joseph Hawkins

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Transfer file

Corporal James. K

Promoted to Sergeant on 7/2/18

Medic/Secondary Deaignated Marksmen

Age: 27

Place of Birth: Adelaide, Australia

Height: 5’2

Weight: 57 – 63 kgs

Hair Color: Chocolate brown

Eye Colour: Emerald Green

Identifying Features:

Burn marks to her right lateral thigh.

Scarring to her left calf

Southern cross tattoo to her left dorsal foot

Medical History: Classified

Nickname:  – Firecracker – Doc






My Appearance

Megan Fox

See article




Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R – White

M-4 Spartan Variant (Modified, with longer barrel)

Beretta M-9 9mm (all canned)







My Secrets Are...

Don’t let her near vanilla ice cream. She will devour a whole 1l tub or more in one sitting

Scared of flying