Emer Setanta


Emer Setanta


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Who Am I...

Born to rule. The daughter, and wife of Irish chieftains. A mother. A warrior. A Queen. Proven in battle, she sustained mortal injury at the event that became known as the Battle of Dundalk Bay. She was cured of her injuries by SYLVANUS DERRINE and has declared her blood sister. She is honoured by her family and by the clan and has the right to call herself NAC SETANTA meaning she is protected by all tribes attached to Queen Emer. Emer puts loyalty and duty above all else, which is why it pained her greatly to exile Cu Chulainn from their homeland for not.

Relationship Status

Emer, former wife of the Hound of Ulster, Cu Chulainn and is the mother of his children. Currently partnered with Caractacus of the Catuvelaunni- a more deserving recipient of her favour.

My Story Is...


She was a ruler renowned for her beauty and kindness to others. An exemplar of all that was noble and chivalrous.Her hearth was known for its hospitality and the rath of the Ulaid welcomed artisans, bards, musicians and all who were dedicated to learning and peace.


My Appearance


Long red hair.Pale skin.Green eyes.Small, athletic build.Tattoos of celtic design.She appears a young woman of middle 20’s. She is in the peak of physical fitness, muscular, and sinewy and none would guess her a mother several times over, nor the changes in her DNA that was transferred to her by SYLVANUS DERINE.




My Secrets Are...

A transfer of DNA from SYLVANUS DERINE, has allowed her to have amazing regenrative powers. Her skeleton is 10 times stronger than a human, her movements are faster and she is much stronger than she looks. Startlingly so!A welcome effect of this DNA transfer was an increase in her longevity. Now long lived, just as her husband, each human decade passing would be just one year to Emer.She would live out her days with her long lived husband, Cu Chulainn, never aging, and her death so far in the future as to be inconsequential.She has the BLESSING OF RAZIEL, giving her the powers of the Dragonborn. She now has superhuman strength, speed and might in battle, plus the VOICE, potent resonanting sonicv energy that would push her enemies away and in certain circumstances, make skulls implode.



There was a dark period in her life when she became deranged, psychotic and led her people down a dangerous path. She became involved with Gods that were not of her world. Liars. Deceivers. She became murderous, wanting to kill the new object of Cu Chulainn’s affections. Luckily, she had allies who prevented her doing the unthinkable.




To provide relief from the burdensome responsibilities of leadership, she often visits the ancient old growth forests of Hellifyno, situated at Worlds Crossing, foraging, living off the land and becoming closer to the natural world.

She avoids the cities and if one is very lucky, one might see a glimpse of her, through the trees. In these times, she avoids places with lots of people.



I Believe...

in the Old Ways. She is a very spiritual person and fervently believes in the celtic Gods. She prays to the Gods, and sometimes they answer her with random gifts and temporary powers. She includes, Raziel, God of Chaos and Destruction in her worship. Her fervent belief in these Gods protects her from magical attacks, as she shines with the pure light of the believer.Blessed is she, others in her culture believe her sacred. As her belief flourishes, so will her blessings and also on those around her.



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