Evan Williams


Hmmm…. where do I start? Okay, let’s start at the beginning. I was born as a pup on Halloween night at my home in Hollywood, California. Normal, right? No, nothing about me is normal.

My old man’s a Youtube celebrity, and my mom is an archaeologist that had a nasty run in with the Egyptian God, Anubis. And, get this… she wants another crack at it. She nearly died already, and she wants to have another go. I think it’s crazy.

But anyway, my grandfather’s a cop… well, detective. Like it matters. A cop is a cop. He’s originally from the east coast, so I don’t know why the fuck he’d want to come to California in the first place. I’d rather be on the other side of the states. California’s so full of dumbass punk-wannabes. Everyone’s a pretender here. Everyone’s so damn fake.

My grandmother is my brother’s sister. So, makes her my Aunt, too. But, I don’t tell friends that. I just say ‘Grandma’. Keeps it less confusing that way. And, doesn’t make it sound so bad, so I won’t get made fun of. But, even my friends are stupid. Everything’s stupid. But, just so you don’t think it’s bizarre, my aunt is not blood-related to me. The woman my grandfather knocked up to make my mom is some other woman I’ve never met. So, it’s not as crazy as it might have sounded.


I’m not normal, like I said before. I’m a werewolf. That means I have not lived as long as everyone else. I’ve grown up in very little time, and it makes it weird. I don’t know a lot of things like I should, so it leaves me open for embarrassment. I do a lot of things wrong because I have never experienced it all before. Kids make fun of me for it, but I can’t tell them the truth about why I have no clue most of the time.
My dad’s in a band, too. He’s got a lot of punk friends, which is cool. Don’t get me wrong, but it keeps him away from me and my mom a lot of the time. So yeah, whatever.


He plays the guitar and sings, but I wanna be apart of the band, too. I can play drums, guitar and piano. I can also sing, too, but he tells me the band is full. There’s no room for anyone else right now. So,… um. Good for you and your band, dad.

I usually do whatever I want, which is great because no one pays attention to me anyway. I smoke and drink, and curse.. and fuck who I want. I even dabble with drugs. And, I already got as many tattoos as my dad does. I pay for it from money my parents give me, or money I steal. They don’t seem to care. Even my cop grandfather is too busy with my aunt to notice me.

As for who I like to date, it goes both ways. I don’t care. Life’s too short to make decisions. I do know though that love is for suckers. I’m never going to fall for anyone, because I know love’s a joke. No one really loves anybody. What people think is love is just lust. And, once that lust wears off, your relationship’s gonna be shit. So, fuck and lust everyone, and don’t take anything seriously. That’s what I say.

Yeah, I might have issues. Does it matter? My parents don’t care. What I know is being a werewolf makes me wired. It makes my mind weird most of the time, and I always want to rip people apart like they’re some kinda toy. I don’t know if that feeling will ever go away or not, but there are times I can’t control it. I have killed some humans. So? It’s what werewolves do, right? Well.. it’s what I do. So fuck off.

Who Am I...

Adam and Scarlett's son

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Father: Adam Williams

Mother: Scarlett (Weeks) Williams

Grandfather: Tom Baranby

Aunt (& Step-Grandmother): Maxine “Ravi” Williams

My Appearance

Tattoos, Ear Piercing

I Believe...

All punk is is attitude. That's what makes it. The attitude.