Chaz Freeman

Intro Video


You know it’s funny.  Always hear people complaining about how they never asked for this.  Or how they never had a choice.  Just them not able to step up to the gift they have been given.  I sure as hell wasn’t asked.  Not the Gangrel  way.  But you know what?  Even if I never asked for it.  I love every damn minute.”

Who Am I...

An Outlander

Romantic Interests

Hahaha romance

Relationship Status

More of a one night stand kind of guy

My Story Is...

18+ content both character and writer are old enough.


There will be blood, gore and foul language you have been warned.


Chaz is not the friendliest guy around.  But writer is pretty understanding.   Any problems,  questions or just in general feel free to hit me up.


Story-  work in progress.

My Appearance

Chaz is pretty average to look at.  Standing around six foot tall with an average build.  Even without the constant dirt, grime and blood that generally covers his form the man is not much of a looker.  His most striking feature is his eyes.  Yellow, almost luminous orbs like that of a feline.   As much a gift as part of his curse.


Most of of the time Chaz wears whatever is most comfortable.   Hoodies, sweatshirts,  jeans or sweatpants.  No jewelry unless he wants to add a little something to his punch.  Though he can often be found with a set of earbuds attached to his phone.  So that he can listen to some tunes if he is in the mood.


Aluminum baseball bat.  With the word BAT in large print along the side.


Cell phone



My Secrets Are...

Leave the secrets to the Sewer Rats.  What you see here is what you get.