Chaz Freeman

Intro Video


One of the Gangrel, Chaz is a drifter.  Often only staying in one place long enough to satisfy his hunger.  Being of the Outlanders has both perks as well as downfalls.  Being close to the very beast that dwells within the kindred allows for them to more easily become in touch with their beastial side.  It is easier for them to bond with animals, even being able to call some to their aid in times of need.  Most notable among their skills are that the Gangrel are unnaturally tough.  Even more so then the average vampire.  Able to withstand even the might of the sun to small degrees.  It is said one of the elders was able to run the entire length of a football field with the sun at it’s peak with nary any harm coming to their body.  Lastly among their skills is the Protean.  So in touch with their Beast they are able to shift themselves partially to it’s likeness.  Claws sharp enough to mortally damage other kindred and fast healing werewolves, eyes that can see in pitch black.  And all tales of vampires becoming wolves, bats or mist stem from this very ability.


Due to the closeness however they suffer more easily from hunger.  Also they are more likely to lose themselves to the beast within if not careful or pushed too far.  Each time the kindred gives into it’s Beast they are marked.  Scales, fur, hide, animal like features marking the flesh of the vampire only making them less human then they already are.

Who Am I...

An Outlander

Romantic Interests

One night stand kind of guy if you know what I mean.

My Story Is...

Want a sob story about how my mother never loved me or that my daddy beat me?  Well too damn bad.  Nothing worth knowing about my past.  Only the present matters.  What is present is that I am an Outlander.  One of the creatures of the night.  Don’t know what an Outlander is well it’s about time you found out.  Maybe I’ll be nice enough to tell you.

My Appearance


Weight- 205lbs

Hair Color- Black

Eye Color- Yellow or crimson

I Believe...

It's about to be a fun time.