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18+  There will be blood and foul language.  Chaz is not a nice person.

Writer is more then old enough.


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Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

Hahaha romance

Relationship Status

More of a one night stand kind of guy

My Story Is...

There was a time long ago when Chaz was just another punk on the street.  Too much testosterone or a bad up bringing.  It didn’t matter the reason he lived to fight, cause trouble and raise some hell.  So much so that he found himself in the sights of one of the Kindred.  An outlander or better known as the Gangrel.  It was a fight, one for his very survival.  The hunt that changed his very life.


Embraced and abandoned the fledgling vampire was left to develop on his own as was the Gangrel way.  Hunger, pain, and uncertainty were his daily bread those first couple of years.  Being a survivor he adapted, learned how to hunt on his own.  When a human meal couldn’t be provided he learned to feed from what he could.  Where he had been the hunted, he know became predator.  Each night was a new test of his skills.  Honing them as he fought against the odds in order to continue his twisted existence.   Like all others of his Kin his sire came once more.  Years had passed and the fledgling vampire had become one of the hunters.  Strong enough to endure the blood of Caine that ran through his veins.


That was over a century ago.  Now Chaz hunts as much for pleasure as for food.  Finding the thrill of the hunt more enjoyable then when his next meal may be.  Cocky, brash and disillusioned with the immortality that is granted from being one of the Kindred.  Not one to play the games Masquerade he tends to stick to outlaying villages and the country side.  Where prey is more scarce but he is able to hunt more freely.  Though from time to time he will venture into the city proper in search of more lively game.  As with most of his Kin he has tried to adapt to the times.  Learning to use a cell phone and the other more modern devices. He will always prefer walking to driving however.

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Being one of the Kindred has it’s perks.  Increased speed, strength and the ability to restore wounds with ease.  In addition to those more generic abilities  being one oft he Gangrel has it’s own advantages.

Protean– Is a discipline that gives the vampire the ability to change forms.  Most notable among this is the Protean claws.  Which transforms the users hands into claws that deal damage even other vampires have trouble healing.  Chaz’s skill in Protean is at 5, the highest he can have as a 10 generation.  Which allows him to change shape into mist of various animals.  As well as meld with the very ground itself in order to escape or rest.


Fortitude– Is the discipline that grants vampires unearthly toughness.  Vampires of this discipline are what spawns tales of them being unkillable.  This grants him the ability to endure things that would outright kill other vampires.  Like fire and to a lesser extent even sunlight.


Animalism– A discipline that attunes the vampire with it’s more animal like nature.  Helping them communicate with animals as well as drawing out or quelling the beast within other vampires.  While not as skilled in this discipline Chaz as he is the others he can still call upon animals to his side, speak to them and even try to calm the beast in other vampires.


The savage Beast within.  All Kindred have such inside but the Gangrel are closer to the Beast then any other.  Due to this it is easier for Gangrel to lose control to the Beast.  Usually this only happens when the vampire is pushed into a corner or severely injured.  For Chaz however he has been known to fall prey to the Beast when gravely insulted or driven to give into the feral rage.  Also due to the nature of the Beast it leaves it’s mark on the Gangrel whenever they change.  Usually in the form of fur, scales or more animal like characteristics.

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Recent events have seen him feed from a demi goddess.  While he has not consumed her vitae as of yet the mere blood of such a divine creature has pushed his body past it’s generational limits.

My Appearance

Chaz is about average in terms of height.  Standing around 6 foot 1 inches tall. His build is more average as well.  Not fat but not skinny.  Due to the embrace he is eternally stuck as he was the day he was turned.  Around twenty four years of age.  A scruffy beard that never grows any longer adorns his rather mediocre face.  He was no model and no prom king.  Time had not helped with that either as his encounters with the Beast within has left permanent changes on his body.


Most notable among these are his strange eyes.  Feline in nature the yellow eyes almost glow in dim lighting.  Small patches of fur can be found about his body as well, the only visible one is on the back of his neck. Mixed into his hair line so it is not as notable as when he is undressed.  Speaking of dress the vampire enjoys more comfortable clothing options.  Usually whatever he can get his hands on from those he hunts.  Not often is he in clean clothing unless he feels it is proper to wash them.  Hoodies, jeans and tshirts are the norm sometimes in place of hoodies he will wear a jacket.


His only possession is his trusty baseball bat.  The aluminum bat is painted in splattered crimson.  With the words BAT in giant yellow letters along the face.  Not one for seducing his prey, a love tap from this trusty batting gear often leaves many a victim so love struck they are easy to feed from.

My Secrets Are...

Leave the secrets to the Sewer Rats.  What you see here is what you get.

I Believe...

I want some honey on my table.