Freya Silverhart and Gia Silverhart


Freya Silverhart and Gia Silverhart

Who Am I...

mother and daughter, look like sisters

Romantic Interests

both for both girls

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Freya is a witch from another dimension. she is 42, she still has the body of a young lady and she has master many skills including, Teleportation, shields and healing. she is basically homeless but she loves to travel the world and make real friends. she enjoys reading in her past time and laying in the sun.


Gia is the daughter of Freya and her demon father who vanished a few years ago. she is a saucy young lady and can be very seductive if she wishes. Daughter to Freya and Sworcery.  she’s half demon half witch and like her mother loves to travel and like her father loves to cause havoc. she has the same abilities as her mother and her father

My Appearance

Freya: purple hair, emerald eyes, 5’3, large tattoo on her back


Gia: red hair, green eyes, hidden horns and tail (by magic) large tattoo on her back


clothes, i-pod, book



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