My Story Is...

No true memory of where they are from, Tearlach has spent nearly a year traveling Hellifyno, gathering new weapons, gear, and skills. He has fought Lizardfolk tribes in Syballisk swamps, slayed gargantuan creatures in the the forests near Kili Toda and Thistlemere, fared the Archipelago between the Nothern and Eastern continents. He has not yet set up a home on the world, but has learned many things, and wishes to return to civilization for now.He discovered that he was meant to be an instrument of his Patron’s will on Hellifyno, but with the Age of Wonders, and the death of the Gods from before, his Patron is gone. Slowly he was loosing power, even if he himself didn’t realize it. Now with the final stores of that power gone, his form changed, he truly understands the silence from his Patron.


Upon meeting Weary he was given a Hyandrian Crystal, causing his latent powers to increase and magnify over time. Once the Dark Weary bound to him, he reached a new level of potential with the power that was given to him.  When finally the corruption over him was broken, he helped free Hyandria, but at the cost of all his powers, and his arm.

Returning to Hellifyno, he went about regaining his Claymore, and was cursed by Thistle Leafblade. After defending the now cured land of Thistlemere he was lifted of his curse, and following another major event, he was again, forever changed.

My Appearance

Standing at 6’4″, he is corded with thick muscle, his missing hand, replaced with one of living plant matter, allowing him a stronger connection to nature. His eyes look dazed most times, due to suffering he has either seen, or been the cause of, the color a duller brown. When he is in a battle focus, his eyes regain that sharpness they once carried. His hair is dark, either loose, or tied back in some way, his facial hair trimmed, or tied as well. His body is covered in scars and wounds, and when needed, he will don warpaint. He is always seen in a kilt, and with a dirk and sporran at his waist.


His Father’s claymore is his greatest treasure, but besides that, he has his silver and cold iron dirk, that he will draw against supernatural beings, like Fae, Demons, Devils, and Undead. He also carries or has hanging where he stays the shield of Sigridr, a shieldmaiden that was part of his warband at one point, kept as a potent reminder. Since becoming Thistlemere’s warden, he has been given random trinkets left as offerings of sorts.

I Believe...

Nature Reclaims, and I stand above all!