(Handsome) Jack


When I became the sun
I shone life into the man’s hearts
Jack poster

Who Am I...

The hero. Jack – That guy you call for when asses need savin'. Your knight in shining armor. Also admired for my looks by the less attractive.

Romantic Interests

I'mma swipe right if you're an 8 or above. Like my guys short and women tall, don't ask.

My Story Is...

Officially, I was tasked by Mr. Tassiter, current CEO and President of Hyperion, also a goatee-growing dickwad, to observe Hellifyno in some endeavor to investigate its resources, yada yada yada, possible planet takeover.

But I’m mainly here on hero-duty. I mean, honestly, this stinking taint of a place is asking for some sprucing up.

My Appearance

I made a lil’ bullet point list of some befitting adjectives to help you get the right image:

Objectively good looking
Not ugly
100% on Rotten Tomatoes



Wrist Laser/Cannon
Orb Shield
Pocket Watch with an invisibility mechanism. It also tells time.
Some other nifty gadgets.


My Secrets Are...

My grandma abused me as a child.

Nobody reads this, right?

I Believe...

I can save this world from its scum.