Morgdaya the blind

Intro Video


Who Am I...

Blind warrior with the spirit of the bear

Romantic Interests

likes men but will enjoy the occasional woman

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am Morgdaya the Blind… I hope to change that title soon but it is obvious that I was born blind and with 5 brothers, but that didn’t stop me from tussling with them. mother was scared of course whenever I’d run off with my brothers but I quickly had to learn anyway, I refuse to be sheltered. I might be cursed with blindness but upon my adventures, with my brothers, I was blessed with my very own sight


My Appearance

flaming red hair, battle clothes most of the time, grey eyes that would have been blue had I not been born blind and war paint. I often use war paint, it’s my way if knowing what I look like. also often have a staff with me. most men say that I am quite curvy and it’s what they look for in a woman but I honestly haven’t a clue what they mean by curvy



my staff, some weapons and tools, nothing of value to anyone but to myself I have many precious things