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September by Fukari
Real Name:  Black Obsidian
Human Name: Markus Obsidian
Pronunciation: Mar-kuss Uh?b-sid-ee-uh?n
Nicknames: Mark(preferred), Markie, Obi, Dian/Dean
Species: Gem
Actual Age: Roughly 12,000
Physical Age: 27
Gender: Genderless (Holds a Male Form)
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Interests: Liri Nesryn
Markings: Thick black markings on his neck, with two black bands around each arm
Affiliation: The Crystal Gems, Hellifyno, The Yellow Diamond Court(formerly)
Gem Type: Obsidian
Gem Location: Chest
Gem Shape:Image result for obsidian png
Gem Weapon: Jeweled Athame
Known Fusions: Snowflake Obsidian [Pearl+Obsidian], Rhodonite [Rose Quartz/Steven Universe+Obsidian], Jade-Albite [Peridot+Obsidian], Agate [Lapis+Obsidian], Rainbow Obsidian [Opal(Amethyst&Pearl)+Obsidian], Onyx [Hematite+Obsidian]

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Name: Senna
Title: The Red Witch, The Meisterless Weapon
Pronunciation: sehn-nah
Nicknames: Sen, Scythe,
Species: Half-Witch Half-‘Weapon’ (Scythe)
Age: Roughly 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Interests: Currently, None.
Affiliation: DWMA(former organization) Minato (Former Meister), Ace (Former Meister)
Occupation: Weapon
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Senna was born in Death City, to unknown parents. She was born a weapon; the ability to shift into a red, black and silver scythe. But due to one of her parents genes, she also has the ability to use some forms of magic – she doesn’t know which half was a witch, either.

Senna attended the Death Weapon Meister academy at a young age, immediately making friends with a girl and two young men: Ace, Minato, and Riyuka. Riyuka is able to transform into a longsword and was partnered with Ace, a very ‘bad boy’ type. Senna was teamed up with Minato, a more quiet and shut-in young man. The four of them were great friends, and worked well together as a team.

The pairings of meister and weapon were developing stronger feelings between them all – which wasn’t entirely unheard of. Minato and Senna especially grew very close, even more so than in comparison to Ace and Riyuka. After a few years, a bad battle broke out miles away from any back up – the team suffering a casualty: Riyuka. The pink-hair, amethyst eyed weapon was killed in battle, leaving the team broken and her meister – shattered.

No one really saw how she died, just that she was found cold and lifeless, in a pile of rubble after a tough battle. Soon after the death of their friend, Minato abandoned the city and left – turning traitor and promising Senna he’d return someday for her. She came to miss him, the cobalt blue colored locks and his silvery grey hues. But when questioned about where he went, she claimed she knew nothing.

Later on, Senna was paired with Ace. He had raven hair, with sapphire blue eyes. He was considered the school bad boy, and somehow after the loss of those they cared about most, they managed to grow closer together. Though tragedy didn’t allow much love to grow between the two, as Ace was killed during a brutal fight against a witch. Senna was nearly decimated, before she passed out in the middle of the street. The last thing she remember seeing, was a blur of hair and deep black abyssal eyes. It wasn’t long after that until she awoken on the steps of the Academy, to be carried inside and healed by Dr Frank Stein.

Years followed and Senna wasn’t able to find another Meister able to bond with her, not after everything. She had to be dropped from the school, despite what everyone knew was best. After the loss of everything and uprooting of her life, and wandered the planet alone. Thieving her way to survive day by day, eventually being ripped through some form of worm hole – and dumped onto a foreign planet: Hellifyno. Here is a new beginning, something she’s excited for. But she knows it’ll be hard, she carries a necklace given to her by Ace – and a headset she was given by Minato before he defected.

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Name: Kai [Last Name Unknown]
Title: The Pyromaniac, The Crazed Flame
Pronunciation: k-eye
Nicknames: K, Pyro, Fireman, Fireball
Species: Unknown (Considered Pyrokinetic)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Interests: Currently, None.
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Mercenary
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