Ida Alco [Widow]

Who Am I...

Ida Alco, the new identity assumed by a major mob bosses wife, previously known as Florence Nova.

Romantic Interests

Used to, not any more.

Relationship Status

Married, "Happily"

My Story Is...

Back when Florence Chamberlain existed, she was powerful. A small gang leader found himself wrapped around her finger, which soon pulled the trigger that ended his life and left all his power and all his thugs in her hands. Climbing to the kings from nothing, she had set her sight on a much larger target, a much larger empire to usurp, belonging to Barrett Nova. She was tough, but he was tougher, and soon she was little more than a play thing with her own assets and thugs being dissolved into the stronger man’s kingdom. Trapped, beaten and augmented to his desire, seething in helpless silence as Florence Chamberlain became Florence Nova, nothing more than a harsh man’s wife.
Then one day, she died. Fell off the face of the Earth and the grid along with it. Ida Alco landed in Dockside, a strong will to live and paranoia running through her instead of blood. She’d gotten away from him; she wouldn’t die just yet.

My Appearance

A picture of sexuality; 5’6, toned and curvaceous. Large fake breasts and strong thighs and hips to match, designed and policed by her husband. Her collagen lips, shaped full and sensual, were always twisted into a grimace now that he couldn’t ask her to smile, and there was never a cigarette far from them. Her hair was green, dyed expertly and flowing over one side in the exact same shade as her catty, ever narrowed eyes. A perfect nose, though she couldn’t remember if that was fake or not, that matched her cheeks in sharpness. Always wearing the same leather jacket, always a heavy duty belt and always a Custodia gun on her thigh, and she seemingly looked entirely flesh until attention would be drawn to her fingers. Severed at the finger tip and replaced with shiny metal, one hand designed to get searing hot and the other to electrocute. Things her husband and found useful, beyond just the enjoyment he got from cutting through the knuckle. Those fingers were more dangerous however when they reached for her gun. Though usually hidden, her back and thighs would be scarred obviously mistreated, from both her love life and her work.


On her belt she has a pair of gloves, communications devices, ammunition and a small amount of painkillers.
A gun always in a holster on her thigh, previous Custodia model.
Knife in each boot, money in her jacket. Cigarette boxes in every available pocket.
A lipstick, red.

My Secrets Are...

Her identity, Florence Nova, is unknown to everyone. Ida Alco is a name rarely given, but is not a complete secret.
The extent of her plastic surgery.
Her marriage and any details of her relationship.
Reason for being in Dockside.
Reasons for her skills.

I Believe...

In personal survival.