Iskossa phoenixspell

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I was born into a small orphanage. It was not long that I have began to invent all sort of different things to help out with the lives of there. It was even shorter that I have left and began my research in space how ever it seemed the cosmos had another plan for me as well. I began to develop at an alarming rate. I had to keep building and making my ship larger to contain myself.




Iskossa phoenixspell

Being abandoned as a child in the forest near the red sun inn. Iskossa had to work hard to survives in the harsh environment. she found she was really well attuned to nature itself and she began to form bond with the wild life and plants it was then she figured out she was a druid.



emilia esser

From Birth I had great magical potential. Seeing this was our village elder and high wizard. He took me under his wing and guided me in the magics of our world known as elements. they go by color.I mastered them all but i was most interested in white magic. due to some of its larger scale spells.

Red – The element color associated with Fire and Lava.
Blue – The element color associated with Water and Ice.
Green – The element color associated with Air and Nature.
Yellow – The element color associated with Earth and Lightning.
Black – The element color associated with Shadow and Space.
White – The element color associated with Light and Life.


I later decided to branch out and use my new skills for helping others so I became a magic detective and magic shop owner housing tons of artifacts in my storage room. on one mission I was tasked with removing a fairy from a town that had been causing trouble. i had managed to get it to leave only after it cast a very nasty little spell upon me causing my breasts to balloon up to the size they are now.

My Appearance

5 feet even


Iskossa phoenixspell



Emilia Esser