Who Am I...

Kane Poulter! At your service..

Romantic Interests

I prefer to be the Man in a relationship, but this can be with anybody! I like feminine figures though, ooh. That unsheathes my blade, so to say.

Relationship Status

Nah bro, have you seen me? Never will you see my face, and I intend to keep it that way.

My Story Is...

There was once an Order.. no, an Alliance! Long long ago of all creatures, Men, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, all of them. It was called The United League of the Free Peoples of Hellifyno. Everything was great, trade had boomed, people were getting food and medicine. Magic was at its greatest peek that the world had ever seen! Until it all became dark, and from the blackness crept forth the worst thing that anybody, a Dwarf, an Elf, or a Fairy could’ve imagined. It was from the hearts of Men that it crawled forth, and its name was Megalomania. For Man was created with a hole in his heart, that no amount of Power, Knowledge, or even Love could fill. That is why he was created Mortal, so that his damage to be done in his life could be limited. It drew from this blackness, and took physical form! It has no name other than Agony, Betrayal, Hate, Disgust, and everything that can be uttered on the dying breaths of Demons before they fall. A Curse like the world had never seen before. It went by one real name, that all gods whisper in their nightmares as they try to sleep and are haunted. Trin. Trin took the form of an all powerful Wizard, and wielded the most powerful weapon in Evil’s arsenal, Deception, convincing the world of Men to go out and destroy all that was. And they did. The Humans took up arms and went out to destroy all the other races, till the Elves and other magical beings got together and purged the Men of their deceived minds. Returning them to the original state and removing the wizards tar like magic from their souls. When the Men awoke from the curse uttered by the Wizard, they were furious, quivering not with fear but rage. They went back, pretending to still be in the trance, and slew the Wizard. With it’s physical form lost, Trin dispersed and shed its Evil all over the boundless amounts of Reality. Where ever Evil is, there’s a piece of Trin. Ever since those days, Men have tried to seek forgiveness for their actions against the other Races. That was long ago, and many have forgotten the days in which evil reigned. And evil still tries to Reign, if it weren’t for the good people of this world. That.. is where I come in. I am Kane, son of James, Knight of the Order of Bonum. My Father died as he lived, a blade in his hand for Righteousness, fighting for the Light. I held his body, pierced by many arrows, the coward’s weapon, as he whispered to me, “Make the world.. a better place to be..” And passed. And now I too don the Armor of Good and in my hand the Blade of Right. They be not magic yet the magic that flows in them is the Determination of my People.. the world of Men. And it will swing for all who stand with the light so long as there is breath in my lungs and a beat in my heart..

My Appearance

Seldom removing my Helmet, I stand at five foot nine and am built big and broad. Much girth on my chest and stomach, arms and legs, a very powerful form to possess. I like my body, though I am no demi god with huge amounts of muscle. I wear a light set of armor with chainmail and several small amounts of plate armor here and there, but the most dynamic piece is on my head. A Helmet with visor and face shield that both hides my face, and protects my head. On my side is a Sword, the blade of my father and his Father. Passed down and tended to by my family, it is an age old thing. My back yields forth a Shield, very dented from the years of use and terms of its condition. For it is a shield, and I use a shield to protect me, what’s new?









Obviously the Armor and all of that, but check out my other stuff!

The Sword: A trusty blade that has been passed down for generation, Father to Son. Bound to the honor that it must not be put away when drawn unless it draws blood. So every time I draw this blade, I must shed the blood of Evil to the earth and rid the world of another curse.

The Shield: Obviously just a Shield, but a very good one. Seldom does it fail me in doing its job, to protect me and my body. Unlike the blade it is not nearly as honor bound, and I can replace it at will, should it break. Just an ordinary thing.

Silver Dagger: Obviously one can not fight evil without having a proper understanding of it! Ghosts and other evil kinds of spirits can not be touched by normal mortal means. A Silver Dagger is always on my person, usually a small sheathe. So that if I ever encounter a Spirit or phantom I can fight it!

Throwing Daggers: If only all fights could be up close and personal. But unfortunately, they are not always so. Instead of using a Bow, which I frown upon greatly, I have come to like these small blades. Three of them is usually enough, cause I have gotten extremely good at throwing them with deadly precision. Another thing I don’t like is Guns, I have fought along side Men who have used these. But give me a Blade and a Spear or an Axe and I’ll be set.

Torch: A special gift given to me by a very grateful Miner. Grateful to me for saving his life in a Cave full of these gruesome beasts called Scratches, he thanked me and gave me this! A magical source of light that duplicates when ever I will it to, and ignites and extinguishes in much of the same. There is a limit though, I can only produce thirty torches, and they never go out. Not until I tell them to, or water touches them, obviously. Very good for dark adventures and large parties of people.

My Secrets Are...

Not available.

I Believe...

Listen to your heart, and you will never be wrong. Trust your gut, and only obey the feelings that beat along with the rhythm in your chest..