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Being the daughter of the general of Atlantis is never easy. What with the being bowed to, the hand maidens, the constant praise! I’m just kidding of course! It’s insanely easy! Until you realize you’re being used, and brainwashed. I was created by a fisherman, if you didn’t know mermaids are born from the tears of sorrow. We are made to resemble the person who our creator is crying over. My creator’s name was Robert Michael Robenson the Third, he had lost his wife, so that is whose image I took on. The thing is, when people miss someone they love they don’t think of the imperfections, they think of the beauty. Which is why most mermaids look perfect. Every year on my creation day I visited Robert, it always made his day to see me at the shore. One year he didn’t show up though, I searched the town, asking around for him. Apparently he had been sick for a long time and hadn’t told me. I could’ve helped, but he didn’t want me to I guess.

On that day I visited his grave. I didn’t know that humans buried their dead in the ground, it was slightly unsettling, knowing that as I stood there worms were eating away at his flesh. I stayed in town for a night, before returning to Atlantis. He didn’t understand why I was sad. After being created most mers don’t visit their creator. For my actions of leaving the city without permission the General hit me. It didn’t hurt, it never did, but it did leave marks. I got hit whenever I disobeyed, whenever I left without alerting someone, whenever I called him my father instead of General, whenever I appeared dirty, and whenever I tried to skip my lessons. It was just part of life.

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