Intro Video


I can be a little headstrong and naive, so cut me some slack.

Who Am I...

Someone living in Gotham City

Romantic Interests

Daniel Green (missing), Jason Todd (deceased)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Magda lives in Crime Alley. She gets by doing petty crime and sometimes is recruited for bigger jobs. Under the tutelage of the Joker, she honed her skills and became a liaison to the more important crime leaders of the Gotham underground. Her skills aren’t professional, but good enough. If you need a hired hand, I’m your gal.

My Appearance

Between 20 and 24. Standing 5’4 her body type is curvy. She tends to wear her wavy brown hair back in a ponytail. Her striking green eyes tend to call the most attention to herself. Her usual attire consists of black combat boots, dark olive green skinny jeans, and an oversized comfy sweatshirt.


1. The trusty 7 inch knife I keep in the side of my boot at all times.

2. My black and white checkered backpack with all my belongings.

My Secrets Are...

Just my secrets.

I Believe...

In finding my own way