Magda Lynn McGuire

Who Am I...

A henchwoman for the Joker

Romantic Interests

Daniel Green (missing), Jason Todd (deceased)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Homeless orphan Magda reluctantly finds her way into becoming, one of few, female henchman to the famous Joker. Along the way she meets many of Gotham’s elite criminals, and makes some new friends. Can she strike it out on her own? Or will she rely on her new bonds to finally feel accepted into a family of the crime underworld?

My Appearance

Between 18 and 24. Knows a whole lot more than she bargained for. Standing 5’4 her body type is curvy. She tends to wear her wavy brown hair back in a ponytail. Her striking green eyes tend to call the most attention to herself. If you need to hire an extra hand, she is always loyal and willing to help, but never for free.


1. The trusty knife I keep in my boot at all times. 2. My black and white checkered backpack with all my belongings.

My Secrets Are...

Just my secrets.

I Believe...

In finding my own way