Magicia the Nightmare Dancer – Queen of Paracosm

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Welcome to our lair. Now go away. We do not like companies. Or corporations. Unless they are Madooga Co.

Who Am I...

The One Who Dances in Nightmares

Romantic Interests

… What

Relationship Status

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My Story Is...

Born as Magicia Morticia Parafrosyni, she was part of a long line of a dark family who practiced black magic, known as the Plague Magicians. Her parents were the great Lord Zarrius Parafrosyni and Lady Gioterra Parafrosyni.

Upon birth, it was noticed that she was different than her siblings. She grew up with no interest in the dark arts, being taught them none the less. Compared to her family, she was dearly innocent. In fact, she was supposedly a “curse” from the gods, being an Embodiment of Innocence itself.

Her parents, ashamed as they were, pushed her to try to turn her around. Their efforts showed no reward. She was eventually given up on and cast aside, paid little heed.

An enemy of the family one day captured a preteen Magicia to bring revenge upon the Plague Magicians, not knowing that she wasn’t precious to them anymore. She was tortured continuously to the brink where she… snapped.

Suddenly, all darkness that had been taught to her lashed out at once, destroying her tormentor and all around her. These powers were unlike anything ever felt by any Plague Magician before.

However, this explosion of power destroyed Magicia. Her innocence was replaced by slight insanity, and she became nearly a walking corpse, life being supported by her magic alone.

To this day, she has spent her time using her powers not to destroy or conquer, but to instead try to find sources of survival. Her own strength became her crippling burden.

Her survival depends on stealing other life sources to use as her own. She has mastered this by entering the minds of people through their dreams and torturing them mentally. She then steals the life source and flees, making the result of her tampering a soul with a body, but no life. It cannot pass on, because the life is still being used, but the body is rotting away. It has to spend the rest of its time simply rotting and fading, damned.

My Appearance

Age/Date of Birth: 10/31/1320(Has the appearance of a young woman)

Sex: Female

Race/Ethnicity: Supposedly Caucasian, and humanoid apart from being magical.

Skin Tone: very very pale and white, but covered completely in scars and different “curse marks”, which look like dark grey swirls up and down her arms… is also missing patches of skin like it was torn off and never regrown

Height: 4 foot 7 inches. She is very short, but that doesn’t limit her.

Weight: 87 pounds. She is extremely light for her age and size, like a corpse or underfed creature, which adds to her death like appearance, ironically.

Build: Frail like a skeleton covered in flesh, very small bust

Eyes: Toxic purple

Hair: Her hair is long, to her back small. It is usually silky and soft, and the color is jet black. However, it is usually hidden by her hood (see clothing)

Clothes Style: She always wears a long black robed dress that covers her body, with a hood to cover her head and entire face. Usually, the only part of her that can be seen when she wears this is her glowing eyes

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Dark patterns swirl all over her body, blending with scars and wherever chunks of flesh have been removed roughly.Other: Has an odd manner of speaking, including referring to herself as “we”. It should be noted that this is not a signal of having multiple personalities or souls in one being, but rather referring to herself in a ‘royal we’ sense.


-Fwufikins, her faithful and strange maid

-Jingleheimer, the Cupcake Tentacle Monster. Her pet.

-A strange skull charm, gifted by Croc

-A skeleton mask, gifted by Commissar Krieger

My Secrets Are...

The past, and the former innocence of a child…

I Believe...

We aren't crazy. The rest of the world is wrong.



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