Marie Darkmoon


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My Story Is...

For as long as Marie can remember she has been alone and had to fend for herself. She was abandoned by her parents during winter time. It was cold and even at such a young age she had a choice, sit and wait for death or fight and survive to see a brighter tomorrow. She chose to survive and somehow managed to make it passed the winter months by stealing and breaking into old abandoned houses to stay warm. During her dark times she learned something interesting, she learned that she was special and had powers but not just any powers, the powers of shadows. She could control and move the shadows this helped her survive better and as she got older she started to learn how harsh the world was and that only the strong survive and the weak die.

At the age of 10 she started to practice her powers until one day she was confronted by a group of men that wanted to do who know what to her and instead of cowering in fear and let them she killed the group in cold blood. It was the first time shes killed and learned how easy it was and ever since that day she kills to survive and shes only gotten stronger. She is able to form the shadows into any object she wishes. She is now 21 and living a better life but her look on the humans she hated them for abandoning her.


{will continue}

My Secrets Are...

I have nun.

I Believe...

The world is a cruel place.