Marvin, The Dragon

Who Am I...

A dragon and magic god.

Romantic Interests

Female dragons or other female species

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was not always a god i was offered to be one by my dad Draco, anyways when i was not a god i lived in a cave with my sister eh to be honest do i need to explain just look at my “sisters” profile

My Appearance

A black dragon with greyish inside wings wearing a black robe and has blue lines running from my arm that can change color depending of what element I use.


All type of magic and spells.

My Secrets Are...

I have 2 forms a true form and a evil form.

The evil form is a completely different entity that takes over when i die and trys to kill the person who killed me.

The true form is still me but stronger and semi-invincible the only way to defeat him is to hit the spots that can be hurt, there are 2 ways this form can be activated 1st way is by again dying, the 2nd way is if you kill the closest to me. (Friends, family, or girlfriend)

The differences is that the true form wear a glowing white robe and the evil one wears a red robe.