i’m just a pink and soft potatoe that looks for fun and sum roleplay -w-.

Who Am I...

extrovertive, undertale luver :3, girl, tomboy, B-BAKA! >///<

My Story Is...

look, i’m just an otaku… well monster hybrid or something, some peple calls me satan, but people that are not total dorks calls me marry.

My Appearance

curly hair, big ass hips, not too much on breasts, loves to wear XXXLLLLL turtleneck sweaters and slippers, fucking angel demon hybrid, (you know the bird wings and cow horns shit) that fucking flirts with everyone but a total UKE when it comes too recieve flirting… bipolarism.


pokies, phone, stuffed kitten, black leash, notebook and pencil, chocolate, pink hoodie, blue slippers, black coat, earbuds, and that kind of shit…

My Secrets Are...

could kill you on 1000 differents ways and a little demon part of me wants it, but i stay chill and stay lovely for everyone.

I Believe...

that every one can smile if they meet me <3.



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