Hey there everyone! I’m a mega nerd that is super excited to role play with you all. I’m into Star Wars, dungeons and dragons, game of thrones and comics.

Who Am I...

Tracinya “Tracer” Dalir

Romantic Interests

None currently

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I’m Tracer. I hunt, more specifically, I hunt people. I don’t have family, friends or anything tethering me to one place so don’t bother asking about my life. I can be hired, for a price. I’ll also exchange favors for any intel on a man named Cashen. Don’t ask why I want to find him, that’s my prerogative.

My Appearance

Tracer is around 5’3 and very slender. She has pale skin, bright green eyes and dark brown hair that reaches the middle of her back. She usually wears her hair in a Mohawk braid. She has bright blue tribal tattoos down her right arm. Most people have never seen her face because she wears her armor in public. Her armor is jet black, with yellow accents. She wears a full helmet with a t-visor that is black except for the yellow outline around the visor. Her braid comes out of the top of her helmet and hangs down her back.


Full body armor and helmet.

sniper rifle

two side pistols

two daggers strapped to her ankles

My Secrets Are...

Tracer’s family was murdered by Cashen, the head of a crime family. Her father and fiancée were involved in a high stakes political bid and were killed off to eliminate them as competition. Tracer is using bounty hunting as a means of vengeance.

I Believe...

In myself