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Psychopath Serial Killer

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Name: Negan / John Winchester
Family: Dean Winchester (son), Sam Winchester (son), Mary Winchester (1st deceased ex-wife), Lucille (2nd deceased ex-wife).
Location: Varies
Fandom: The Walking Dead crossover with Supernatural.
Portrayal: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Once upon a time I fell in love with a beautiful woman named Mary, she was a gorgeous woman to behold and little did I know that her and her family was involved in huntin supernatural beings such as demons. I lost her and it was up to me to keep those monster’s away from harming the innocent including our boys, Dean and Sam. Though sadly I could not be around all the time for my boys, we were always on the road, they went from school to school almost on a monthly basis, never staying put in one spot for too long.
I was huntin these monsters and after some time I let Dean, my first born raise his younger brother on his own. I wasn’t a very good father, I was away from them at times and almost had started another family with a second wife I never told them about, Lucille. She reminded me so much of Mary and I was going to introduce her to the boys one day but never got around to it – she grew ill and then something un-imaginable took place. A disease of some kind would bring the dead back to life only to crave feeding off of another. During this disease outbreak many innocent people died, I was separated from my boys long before this so I had no idea if they were dead or alive, Lucille’s sickness progressed and she passed during this time…I couldn’t put her down. She had tried to kill me after she came back to life, I knew it was no longer her in that lifeless, monsterous shell but I ran like a coward.
Eventually I made myself stronger, strong enough to gather up other survivors during this hard time and come together as one. I set up a ground set of rules and if they were broken then the punishment would be severe. Some call me a psychopath because I appear to take pleasure in bashing in people’s head’s with ‘Lucille’, my ‘vampire’ baseball bat that has barb wire wrapped around her, my pride and joy and only line of defense for survival really.
There is plenty to go on from there, but for now, I’m just trying to survive this hell hole and eventually, hopefully, be re-united with the only family I have left and leave this shit behind for good. My only question to myself is am I worth keepin alive?

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