Oi'Aine Moirbel

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Who Am I...

Sealbhóir Draíocht

Romantic Interests

None currently

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My Story Is...

A Sealbhóir Draíocht, Sometimes called Fairy Queens. This is due to a passive power they have that causes them to be very dear to Fae. This power also allows them to always have help from any Fae around them. Another power they are born with is the fact their bodies absorb magic around them and keep it stored but this leaves them rather frail. And if they use the magic they hold within themselves it will shorten years away from their lifepsan. And will cause them to pass out when used too much.

Oi’Aine was taken in and trained in how to use her power and use the magic of the Fae instead of her own to conserve her life. Though there is a darker power that comes with being what she is. She can take years away from a person and give it to herself if need be. She would never do this willingly of course.

My Appearance