Kaler Eland

Intro Video



Species: Alien, Solarian (OC Kryptonian-esque)

Age: 16 (Age-locked and current Mental Age), about 34/ish (Real age)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Gender: Male


Hero, wanderer, lost soul, or Sun Child; those have become previous titles from previous lands, specifically Earth, however he chose to stick to none of the above, remaining his wholesome self of Kaler Eland. So he set off, taking his curiosity with him, to explore new and varied landscapes, hoping to find a new meaning in himself wherever he goes. His travels wound him up becoming friends with Lime The Undying, and Neko, to which they’ve formed a Guild between them and people prior. Now, in this new land of mystery, they hope to make a peaceful name to themselves.


Life had stabilised mostly for the boy in the past month or so of his stay on Hellifyno. Things good and awkward come and go; he found a new Job to commit to on his home island of Twine, that being the Job of Trade Supervisor. He also took a glance at a strange Hells Portal on the Sun, thanks in part to another portal failure, and had a /nice/ chat with Kasadaya along the way…*sigh*. Then, quite suddenly, the world was plunged into mayhem and ruler ship by a certain Class Card without many peoples notice. Thankfully, the others fixed things just fine in the end, whilst Kaler continued to support from behind the scenes. And then? He looses contact with the Guild, and the Flying Pug of said Guild. It seems, that the boy has been deposited on this world, and his companions have left one way or another. Nevertheless, he won’t let himself be upset by that, and continues to do as he would normally: explore and interact, as best he can.




Strengths & Details behind them:

(Tis a fair bit, but o’ well, gotta make a name for myself xd)



Kryptonian Biology:

Supernatural Condition
Supernatural Strength (III/IV)
Supernatural Speed (II/III)

^(can keep pace with speedsters)

Supernatural Durability
Supernatural Stamina
Supernatural Senses
Heat Vision
Energy Regeneration (Toned down/slower)
Flight (Supernatural)
Cold Breath

Pretty much, Kaler can do just about anything a Kryptonian can do. So, all those above and any relating to a Kryptonian, Kaler will have down there somewhere.



Solar manipulation/charging and Nuclear Fusion:

Solar Manipulation
Solar Empowerment
Solar Energy Manipulation
Solar Attacks
Solar Generation
Solar Energy Absorption
Solar Constructs
Solar Immunity (The harmful aspects etc)
Magic Negation (similar to Anti-Magic; not the same as DM tool)
Magic Negation Field (Again, similar but not the same as the DM tool)
Energy Generation
^Heat Generation
^Light Generation
Nuclear Manipulation (Cell-based, Condensed Nuclear Fusion)
Stellar Empowerment

Kaler shows strong adaptability and skill in wielding Solar Energy in many forms, sizes and shapes. He’s able to harness it directly from the Sun, or any Solar Object in general regardless of the specific colour/radiation (other effects yet to be seen), and project it around him and out to others, even into space. He’s able to harness that energy and form small-scale things with it, such as Condensed Stellar Objects (Small Suns), and various Solar Weapons, such as a Solar Javelin, which upon hitting a target causes either large Kinetic Discharge, or Burning.

The energy is a very curious subject; formally coming from a Universe/Dimension where Magic/Mana did not exist, but utterly destroyed by a freak accident. Now Kaler is the only user of this type of energy, that actively negates Mana/Magic, and it’s emotionally, physically and mentally locked to him, unable to be obtained by anyone else of any calibre, as if he’s a Glitch in a Games Files; in a sense, he was never meant to make it to the Magical Universe, and one looks at him and sees a void of Mana/Magic. This can enable Kaler to both resist Magic, but also take damage from Magic, since his body is alien to Mana, and also resistant to it simultaneously; the most things he can actively resist are Spells (of most calibres), and Reality Warps (changes to his body on most accounts).

Without realising it himself, Kalers energy has managed to allow him to null past the tedious mechanics, of the Magic-infused “Sun” of Hellifyno, and it’s strange nature. One half of this, is his affinity to being able to absorb Hydrogen from the air as a source of fuel for his Solar powers (Condensed, cell-based Nuclear Fusion), and his Anti-Magic properties, which null out the Magic in favour of the Sun-like light and radiation produced.



Emotional Spectrum:

Emotional Inducement
Emotional Empowerment
^Calmness Empowerment
^Hope Empowerment

(These 2 aren’t the same as a Lantern’s strength)

This mystical, magic-like but non-magic energy also has the natural influence to induce calm amongst other beings. It’s deeply rooted into his emotional will, and allows him to settle some conflicts by inducing a calming aura on those who seem able to feel it. This gives him a constant, radiant quality to his name, or nickname from his Guild Master; those who view him will always “see” something glowing around him, as if this boy has one of the purest-of-heart souls in the Universe to date; as such, he is a very kind and warm person, both inside and out, though still somewhat shy. He’s been described from friends as a “human hot water bottle” due to giving good hugs and almost never loosing his internal heat.



Hyperspace Travel:

Hyperspace Travel

Away from the enhancements said, Kaler can in fact achieve FLT-speeds using his energy. Concentrating a lot of it into a controlled, propelling burst, he can thrust his form into speeds of such calibre, and follow other ships, such as those from the Star Wars universe, into Hyperspace lanes etc, letting him explore the Universe without needing a vessel. This does lessen his energy upon exiting this state, however he most likely comes out near Star’s most of the time, and can re-vitalise himself very quickly. To explore however, he has to readily explore next to other Ships, as he himself doesn’t readily know the distance and time to remain in Hyperspace to get to places.




Whilst in its most basic form, not near anyone as advanced as master wielders, Kaler knows the basics of how to wield his new Bo-Staff weapon with surprising efficiency. Indeed, it’s less of an actual martial art, more of his own inventive conscience at work, making up as he goes along. For the most part, wielding the weapon at his normal strength isn’t a hassle, but he could use training should he ever become weak.



Physic Shield:

Psychic Shield

Kaler has a strong resistance to mind control tactics, and anything that might instantly alter his emotions/memories/personality. It revolves around his autistic persona; the average dull mind has few “stemming thoughts” running through it, easier to control. The average strong mind as a fair lot but easy to focus in on one by one. Kaler on the other hand, has a mind so very curious, so innovative, and so active, that there’s too many thoughts running in and out to count. This gives him a virtually never-ending mind-shield against mind control/Psychic attacks, as one is never able to remove all those pesky thoughts.

Weaknesses etc: (Ik it looks like not many, idk what to use! >m<)


Lesser Invulnerability:

Kaler has the skin density of Kryptonians, making him practically impervious to fatal or crucial injuries. However, for a reason not fully known, his skin can in fact obtain small wounds easier than a Kryptonian. These include basic things any Human may get, like small scrapes, scratches, bruises sometimes, and small burns. Nothing ever really exceeds this, and he does possess the immunity to being pierced/stabbed by lots of things; a Vampires fangs can indeed get blood from him however. Main reason for this is Kaler seems unable to create the magnetic field around his skin that Kryptonians are able to make, which whilst still having the dense skin, gives him this susceptibility to being hurt more.

He does, in fact, retain such a so-so weakness to Magic like Kryptonians do, as in, Magic harms him better than conventional methods do. However, his whole “negation” properties can null these should he focus enough.


Autistic mind:

Having the more innocent, child-like mind of a 16 year old autistic boy can indeed present challenges for Kaler. It makes him a little more timid to interact with others unless he can sense they mean no harmful intent. Even then he still sometimes struggles to understand everything around him, as such he can’t remember everything told to him all the time. This also stems to the fact that he hates fighting; he will try to defend people or fight if he absolutely needs too, but tries to stay away from open conflict.



Kaler’s base strength, and his ability to often lift unimaginably heavy objects (near perfect Superman-level) is all based on his own mental concentration and focus. As long as he can remain focused on a task, say, moving to lift something extremely heavy, he’ll be able to do it with little hindrance. If one is able to distract him well enough, say, mentally scarring him or a powerful enough sedative/drug/hypnosis, he should seem weak enough to strike out at. The ability to scar him can be through means of Gore-esque, as Kaler’s pure mind and gentle soul can be sensitive to those things.



Hormonal Imbalance: (opposite to IRL symptoms)

Due to his unusual Semi-Immortality of remaining 16 both in mental age and physical form forever, Kaler suffers from a differed sort of Hormonal Imbalance to the average person. I.E, instead of certain hormone-based traits being lessened, they are actually strengthened and made more prominent (Yes, even the unmentionables, har har -w-). Whilst this may be seen as something advantageous, it sometimes causes Kaler irritation or becomes tedious, since he’ll never physically “grow up” or reach adult-hood, remaining trapped in a constant state of somewhat confusion. This doesn’t stop him from learning, just lessens his ability to do so. Combined with his Autism, the boy can end up having an almost “Animal” feel to him, or he just feels more natural, as his mind never fully develops. This also explains why he can end up feeling shy around women; specifically, the older types, and them being taller than Kaler’s already impressive 6″ would only add to that, though sometimes he can hide it.



Despite being still Alien to most of the world, or not as comically known as any other Super Hero’s, he’s still made a living for himself in previous times, and became somewhat a Hero figure.


He enjoys nature, and seems quite adept at calming many types of animals, to make interactions better, able to tame quite mighty beasts should they accept his advances as peacefully as he does their own.


A long term aspiration of Kaler’s, is to someday explore the Stars of which he came from, and journey out into the great beyond with friends or on his own.

Who Am I...

A young, autistic male of extraterrestrial origin; the last of his kind in the universe.

Romantic Interests

Women, notably attracted to taller ones. Though he has possible feelings for a certain /Hive Queen/.

Relationship Status

As said above, he is indeed single.

My Story Is...

Some time in the past, say, 70 years ago to date currently, Kaler’s own home world was on the absolute brink. The once peaceful race of Solarians, with their high adept qualities of understanding Emotions, were torn apart by a lengthy waging war of language, bickering over where they should go, what they should do. In a span of only a few months close to a year after Kaler was born, his world was prepping to blow, due to the effects of the wars on the Planet’s Core. His parents, desperate to keep at least part of the lineage intact, sent Kaler away in a space-pod, able to travel at quite heavy speeds, but not pure light speed. As Kaler was jettisoned into the unknown, behind him, the Planet collapsed, and the Solarians that remained, were all one with their Star once more…


20 years of space travel goes by, as Kaler sits in the pod in a infant state, kept static in a form of hyper-sleep. However, it would not be his original universe, but the universe of Earth, that he would end up inhabiting, as his craft fell through a distortion in space, sending him from the mana-less realm of his Planet, to the Magic-filled haven of the Milky Way(?). His parents, however, had half-planned it, finding a very suitable planet across from the ridge, thanks to long-term surveillance. And so, the pod continued its trip through the stars, before winding up on the Human planet of Earth, after a lengthy 20 year flight.


It so happened that said pod was, for the most part, kept secret in its landing, due to the terrible quality of Britain’s weather (mocking-intended), and landed in a field in Oxfordshire. There, the boy was found, kept secret, and taken care of by a caring, older family of 2 elderly folk, and for the rest of his life until around 16, he was raised and loved by them like their own. They eventually told him about his lineage, and he agreed, after some confused talk and bashfulness about being Autistic and an Alien, to keep his powers under the radar for the time being. However, a year after turning 16, he realised along with a private consultant at a Doctors, that he were to remain 16 for the rest of his life. Shortly after, his parents passed away. With nowhere proper to stay, but thanks in part to his newfound strength, Kaler set out to explore the world on his own, and explore he did, reaching out to the many corners of Earth, and keeping himself looking like a Human the rest of the time.


Eventually, through getting Jobs such as Engineering, and acting out as a Hero at certain intervals, Kaler went off to explore once more, and wound up in the Magical realm of the “Neko’s Gate” (, where he began to understand just how varied the world really was. Here, he met his 2 companions for most future adventures: Lime the Undying, and Neko. They formed a small Guild together, before deciding they needed to leave for better lands, and so they departed off into the rifts, to Hellifyno…


-Kaler reads through the script again-


“…Well, I think that’s that for now, heh…”

My Appearance



First glances are sometimes misunderstood with Kaler. His body is comprised of a figure coming in at an even 6 feet from head to toe, and not the /most/ easily defined muscles to be seen, however they are present (assume the picture above has more defined muscles). This can give one the impression that Kaler is someone tough and ready to fight; in reality he’s a soft, gentle giant sort of person, not enjoying much fighting, and instead enjoying being calm and friendly.


His hair is soft short and white, his eyes are a strange flowing golden shade like the sun, his skin is fresh and soft, as if untainted, the Sun energy he obtains keeping his body fresh practically at all times. He wears the same outfit for generally every occasion; black Sun-crested shirt, grey trousers, and blue trainers; all are surprisingly form-fitting, showing off the moderate athletic build he has. Make no mistake though, for he’s in a sense Superman behind the meek appearance.



He generally carries not much around with him, at least not yet. Sometimes he’s seen with a small black shoulder-bag, used for carrying the few items he’s picked up from a few quests or forged himself, such as:


Cloak of Invisibility:

Related image

(No proper image, so using the Harry Potter one for reference)

He acquired this from a quest performed by him and fellow combatants such as Captain James T. Kirk, and SuperGirl. The cloak, when draped around his form, makes his entire being invisible to the eye, and the senses. It lasts only for 2 hours each usage however, and must be re-charged at a Morning’s Dew (sunrise).


Sun-infused Bo-Staff:


(Image is closest to how it would look, green sections would be red-brown)

It stands about 4-5 feet in height, 5-6 centimetres in thickness. He forged this in his own time, after helping out Lime with experimenting on various mystical ores found near the well of a Volcano, and in various caves on Persistence. The metals take on a Sun-Golden shade, but are not of the Gold metal; an amalgamation of metallic ores infused with various crystals, melted together to form 1 strength-binding metallic substance, infused with his Solar Energy. The mid sections are formed of wood, with metallic traces infused into them, forming another strong mesh. The whole thing is nigh indestructible to most means, though he would only use it to combat foes should that time ever arise; he dislikes fighting. It contains an enchantment to enable it to become smaller, giving it a portable nature.


Gem of True Seeing:

Related image

A strange see-through gem obtained from another quest, done once more by the Scion Anthem. It has 3 base charges., which recharge at every crack of dawn. Speaking the gems Command Word whilst looking through the gem allows the user to have True Sight for 10 minutes in a radius of 120 meters from their current position. True Sight allows one to see through any form of darkness; even magical; see through illusions, and into the Etheral Plane, only when looking through the gem however.

My Secrets Are...

Not many, but he does have a thing for taller people, specifically women. Adding to this, he never had a proper mother-son maternal bond before; as such, the innocent within him longs for that sort of comfort one day, despite his age.

I Believe...

that all beings deserve a choice, and to live away from tyranny & evil.