The Other

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Who Am I...

Not Helvegen.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Once upon a time, a big snake sent his son to school.

His son never came back, opting instead to travel the world, aimless and free as the wind.

He wandered so far that he walked off the world, and onto another.

There, he found friendship, love, adventure and death.

The dead boy’s spirit was found by a gladiator, who whimsically put a piece of it into a raccoon plush.

The raccoon, newly awakened, blinked, looked down at itself, and said “The Gods Must Die.”

After toying with the fate of the world for a while, he settled down for a short nap.

And now he has awakened again, still smiling. He wants to meet you.


My Appearance

The Other appears similar to Helvegen; a boy of middling height, with long dark hair. His eyes, however, are orange-red instead of blue. He has shed his old spiderweb cloak, however, in favour of a black jacket. He still wears his blindfold, only around his forehead instead of over his eyes.

My Secrets Are...

None. Secrets invite pain.

I Believe...

in myself. That's all the proof I need to know that I exist.