Intro Video


In the beginning she saw nothing but loneliness, and sorrow. She cried to the heavens her tears making the land, her wings stirring the winds, her breath of heat and flames,  her tail flowing water, she was life as she was death. to create to destroy to love to hate to live to die to be reborn many times.

Who Am I...

Bone is the very first dragon goddess. Bone is also the only daughter of Lucifer but not by blood.

Romantic Interests

Bone will mate with whatever wants to mate with her

Relationship Status

She is for everyone to enjoy.( but she is no slut )

My Appearance

bone looks like a small teen child but she is 2100 years old.

she has beautiful long  pink hair with deeper ruby red eyes.

her skin is fair and tawny nothing imperfect about it.

she has all the curves needed as her body is tiny.

she has Six forms altogether


as for weapons bone needs nothing other then her fangs claws and elemental breath.

I Believe...

all dragon kinds will be restored as they use to be and thrive along with their goddess