Victor "Rhino" Rocksteady

Intro Video


Everyone fears a Big Bully at first, Until they get past his thick skin.

Who Am I...

A Ruthless Mercenary

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

After witnessing the massacre of his family, Rhino made a decision to fight back. Just with a bigger gun. After becoming a gun for hire, he hunted down the members that slaughtered his childhood, one by one.

My Appearance

A large man that wears full body armor, except his head, leaving it exposed. His hair is a simple, yet crude Mohawk.


A simple Mossburg Shot gun and a 44 Magnum. As well as a not so simple Minigun that spit out 5.56 Cal. rounds.

My Secrets Are...

For a big man, he also has a big heart

I Believe...

"Everyone dies…. the precautions to prevent it from happening sooner is up to you… Why do you think I wear armor?"