Sangwoo is the son of evil and life itsself. Take one glance at him and it will send you running for the hills. Unless of course, you are a very strong-hearted person. Or of course, unless he thinks your attractive.

Who Am I...

The heartbreaker.

Romantic Interests

Boys, more submissive the better. Females, more dominate the better.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

During my childhood, I could not feel emotions. My days were filled with tests and shots. I had always thought I was normal until I started school. Feeling no emotions was a bit of a problem. I never felt scared or sad. I seemed to always do and say the wrong thing. But was that my fault? The only thing I really felt was physical pain. Even that could not stop me though, I never felt the urge to slow down or stop.
During my first year of high school, I actually felt nervous. I didn’t know what to think of it. I started to tense up even though you couldn’t see it in my facial expression.  From then on I started to develop emotions.
I started to notice during my college years I usually had two “sides” of me. This soon turned into multiple personality disorder.  One side of me completely hated seeing other people sad, “he” would never hurt a soul. The other side was the complete opposite.  And the bad part? I was usually being that side of me.

Sangwoo usually sticks to himself, he never really lets anyone into his heart. If he does let you in, you really must be special.
Sangwoo is not someone to get heartbroken, he breaks hearts. Do not let yourself fall into his trap. If you hear this lion coming you better be ready. Do not try to push him around or you should be ready for a war.

My Appearance

Sangwoo has hair shaved on the sides with a golden-brown on the top. His eyes are nothing more than dead unless he wants you swooning over him. He has light toned skin that fits perfectly with his muscular. He’s a very tall build as well.

I Believe...

Love is key.