Ghul Kullagg

Who Am I...

a mandalorian hunter

Romantic Interests

I got no time for that

Relationship Status

Focused on the hunt

My Story Is...

I’m a Mandalorian, my story is similar to most my people. I fight, I settle my debts, and I keep my word. I’ve kept myself busy the last few years, taking bets and fighting in pit fights. I like to be close and see the terror in my prey’s eyes, as I gut them.

My Appearance

I have steely grey eyes, one with a ling of red going through the whites due to a head injury. My head is kept bald, besides a braid along the left side. I have a series of scars and burns upon my face. My armor is a heavy beskar combination, with more plating and coverage than most. I keep added plating around my arms and guarding my neck, made of crotosis. I have a rocket mounted pack, and heavy grav boots. I have a taozin amulet keeping my rancor hide shoulder cape attached, and kryatt dragon hide as kama to protect my thighs more. I also wear broken lightsaber emitters on my belt.


Toazin Amulet, Crush guants, rockets mounted on pack. Right vambrace has mini rocket launcher, dart gun, and flamethrower, left vambrace carries dart gun, line/grapple system, and a wrist blade. Spikes hidden in both boots, carbine blaster with scope going through helmet hud, and a slug pistol that uses different solid rounds. Hidden rocket darts in each knee pad, and a special beskad blade, larger than most. I sometimes carry a special vibro sword.