Dimitri and Cyrille De la Croix

Who Am I...

The Maitre d'Armes Dimitri De la Croix, and his layabout grandson Cyrille De la Croix

Romantic Interests

Dimitri is well beyond that, and Cyrille seems an unashamed flirt.

Relationship Status

Dimitri is a widower, Cyrille is currently single, but has a swinger life style.

My Story Is...

Dimitri was raised by his father to fight. Their family had a purpose, a gift that came to them, beyond simple sword play. But for generations it seems the gift died out. With Dimitri’s training it was to cause the gift to return, and that tradition continued on. With his sons the training was rougher, harder, while Dimitri was pushed to learn styles through form work, his sons learned through combat. Both father and sons gained scars and marks from the training.

It wasn’t until Cyrille’s father had a son of his own that the cycle stopped. Andre did not wish to put his son through the same method of training. Little did he know, Cyrille learned anyway. He was a prodigy with blades, maces, axes…. anything he could get his hands on. When his grandfather got word, Dimitri had hope, till he saw what his grandson was like. A womanizer. A drunk. A layabout. A show off… all things that Dimitri thought held no place for a Maitre d’Armes.

But he didn’t know, the gift manifested finally in Cyrille.

My Appearance

Dimitri is an older man, nearing his 60’s, his face is a road map of wrinkles and dueling scars. His eyes once a lively brown, now dimmed with age, his hair was the color of fresh snow, two long curtains framing his face on the side, his facial hair well kept. His body has been kept healthy through the years of training and fighting. He wears well fitted flowing outfits, a wide brimmed and feathered hat to match, and always a traveling coat. He is never seen without his side sword and dagger.

Cyrille wears a long coat and a gentleman’s outfit, his raven hair tied back in a ponytail, and his face shaven as best as he can keep up. He carries multiple weapons on his person even on good day, so baldrics, frogs, and holsters take up most of his belt space. His eyes always seem to belay his darker more serious nature, which is why he is seen usually with them closed, and a cheshire cat grin, or slightly opened.


For Dimitri, he carries his instructor baton, his sidesword, a long dagger and of course writing materials, and a few treatsies on combat. However at his Academy, he keeps his large collection of exotic weaponry, and even more common place weapons, and common tools even, wanting to prove to his students you never have to be without a weapon.

Cyrille’s loadout is constantly changing, and unlike his grandfather has more acceptance of fire arms, explosives, and other non traditional weaponry. But he does favor the sword above all else, and will always have at least one sword on him, and on his belt is strapped a metal mug for drinking.