Who Am I...

A self named girl that escaped a lab

My Story Is...

“Take Subject 2183 to the observation room, we need to see if the improvements have taken effect.” The subject, a girl no older than 10 was dragged to a room with one-way glass surrounding it. In the center of a room was a single, metal table that was bolted to the floor. “I…I don’t want to….please…” The girl’s voice was weak and hushed. “Subject 2183 please make the objects on the table float a foot from the surface.” A voice from an intercom ordered the silver-haired girl. “N-no…please…” She whimpered as an electric prob shot out from the floor and aimed towards her. “Do it or you’ll be shocked.” The voice was cold and cruel.

The objects floated a foot off the table, the girl’s unbandaged blue eye glowing faintly as her power surged. “N-no headache…” The young girl murmured as she kept the objects floating easily now.

Weeks later


An explosion tore through the compound, followed but flashing red lights and sirens. “All emergency Personel, report to Ward Block C-9. Prepare for Explosive protocol.” A robotic voice sounded through the sirens.

The little girl clutched a purple rabbit with floppy ears close to her chest as the siren wailed outside her plain gray room. Tears slipped down her cheek from her unbandaged eye from the fear she felt.

The girl jumped as her door was slowly opened and a man in a soot-covered lab coat ran towards her “Hey…c’mon, we’re getting out of here” The man picked her up and ran out of the room and out of the compound. “Wh-where are we going?” Her voice was still barely above a whisper as the man set down int he seat of a jeep. “I’m taking you far away from here, don’t worry.”
And so he drove her miles and miles away from the compound while she slept most of the time.

The car screeched as the man swerved to avoid a large moose on a forested road. The girl screamed as the car drove straight into a tree, the sounds of shattering glass and crunching metal filled the forest as the car wrapped around the tree. The man in the soot-covered lab coat was crushed by the car door and the tree. “N-no!” The girl was screaming as she forced the car door open with her power. She tumbled out of the car and grabbed her bunny, running far from the car wreck into the forested area beyond the road.
She ran and stumbled through the forest until she came upon a lake with a large, ancient willow tree. The branches draping down like curtains. “Alfie…..that man…..he said a curtain tree…he said it was called a Willow….” She took her time walking towards the tree
“I like that name…Willow…” SHe murmurs as she stands under the draping branches* “That’s it, Alfie! Imma call myself WIllow!” The young girl proclaimed.

My Appearance

Image result for anime girl with two different eye color

Hair length: Below her knees
Hair color: Silvery white
Eye color: (Left) Turquoise (Bandaged eye (right)) Assumed Turquoise
Skin tone: Pale from lack of natural light
Age: 10

Bandages: Right eye, Left Cheek, Neck, Right forearm, Right index & ring finger, Left Wrist, Left thigh, Small bandages on Right thigh & ankle.

Clothing: A purple dress with two blue stripes on the waist and a light scattering of sparkles on the skirt.



A purple stuffed rabbit named Alfie with brown buttons connecting its arms and legs tot he body, also used for the eyes, and he has a brown nose.

Powers so far: Her only known power is a strong telekinetic ability