Skulk [Claire Morley]

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The daughter of an incredibly rich man with ties to companies that dealt in augmentations, Skulk’s identity is an unknown, even to herself. Her lack of identification, especially on her enhancements, lacking serial numbers, medical records and everything else – all of it strictly off the books. Born with multiple impairments that stopped her from living a normal life, brittle bones, a failed immune system and a whole host of other problems, Skulk spent her time living in sterilised rooms, unable to leave until her father procured the favours of particular surgeons and bio-mechanics with a talent for keeping quiet. After a botched surgery, Skulk was dumped dockside, not knowing anything about herself, or her augmetics. The only thing she knows is a single word. A name. Jelenko.

My Appearance

Skulk stands at about 5ft 6”, pale skin with eyes that sometimes whirr and change colour (a feature she hasn’t got fixed yet). Her skin is pale and her hair is the colour of snow. If Skulk was to walk under a AAA metal detector, it’d probably explode; her body was so augmented that there were very few things save for her immediate internal organs (and only SOME of them) that weren’t replaced or enhanced. Skulk is not an experienced gang member nor some sort of AAA company assassin on a payroll, on the complete contrary, Skulk is just a scared girl in a place she can’t remember, without a name, without anything but the clothes on her back and the augmetics hidden under her skin.





Cybernetic Limbs: Arms and Legs have no flesh underneath them, but the metal itself is grafted into her bones, which have long been laced with metal. Her legs were more augmented and expensive, able to absorb shock if she fell from height, and in a panic, could ‘skim’, having small boosters in her heel that let her travel short distances very quickly.

Razors: Triggered by a controlled hormone spurt that makes it seem like mind-controlled, these razors are attached to the sides of her legs and arms, and can spring out at a whim. These blades are sharp but light-weight to not tax on her body any further.

Immuno-boosters: If properly examined, it was easy to see that Skulk’s immune system was lacking, a genetic impairment meant that she should very much be the girl in the bubble, though with these boosters, she’s able to walk, talk and breathe the outside world. If she were to somehow contract any virus or infection, no matter how small, it’d be crippling.

Bone Lacing: Similarly, her bones were brittle and weak, but with the meticulous and incredibly expensive lacing on her bones, she’s stronger than the average person.

Cybernetic-Eyes: An augmetic she has no direct control over, her eyes sometimes swap from their ‘natural’ gold to a black/red, milky white or a murky blue, each one allowing her to see in infra-red, ultraviolet and augmetics and electronics, respectively. Because of the odd nature of the surgery she undertook and the lack of control she holds over her cybernetic eyes, she believes it was the last surgery she undertook before her memory was lost.

Wired Reflexes: This jumble of synaptic boosters and adrenaline enhancers make it so when she gets that hormone hit, it hits hard, letting her perceive the world a little bit quicker. Though because of this enhanced ‘high’, Skulk is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, especially considering the fact she hadn’t lived a real life beyond her room for a long time.