Sybil the goddess of nature

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Who Am I...

Part druid mostly goddess of nature

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Happily married

My Story Is...

Age: 21
Species: Druid/goddess
She was adopted into a human world, where she grew up and learned. Though she couldn’t fit in with her family, because of her hair, she made friends easy and was out going. By the time, she turned twenty-one, her tattoos of her druid powers appeared on her upper body. They lined her chest her back her arms and neck. She was distraught and scared, a man named Lincoln reassured her, it was okay to feel the way she feels.
After some time, she decided to search the world. What she found had made her emotions worse, but she found out who her true parents were. Her mother, Leliana Nightmere, a high ranking Royal in Thistlemere, was married to Arbane Nightmere, who was a druid. Her mother died at the hands of humans. Her father died after that fighting a more powerful demon. Thistlemere gave the rank her mother had to her, and granted her leader of the Druid Council.
When she lost control the first time, no one was there to help her. The fifth time, Ruby helped. If it wasnt for Ruby, Sofia would probably still be panicking and trying to calm down. Thus, Ruby is now a very close friend, along with Lilith McGarth, Rouge, Lily, and Randall. After being engaged to Tolerith, they had a child, Oriana. Thistlemere was overrun and now she takes the people and her kids and husband and rebuilds elsewhere.



My Secrets Are...

Why would I tell you?

I Believe...

I am more than a regular Druid.