Who Am I...

Teruk is a young half-orc who has set off into the world looking for his own adventures.

Romantic Interests

Teruk keeps personal matters to himself

Relationship Status

See above

My Story Is...

Teruk was born to a human mother, Gwendolyn, and an Orc father who remains unknown to him. Because of his Orc blood, he was raised in isolation and tutored at home as a child.He now wanders from place to place, taking advantage of any jobs, brothels and adventures that may cross his path.For a half-orc, Teruk has many uncommon qualities such as having a sense of humor and natural charisma. He is also fairly intelligent and loves to learn new things. His mother read him stories as a child about the use of magic and how it had the power to do both great and terrible things depending on how it was used. He became fascinated with magic users and hopes that he will encounter some on his journey.

My Appearance

Simple, common clothing.


1x Bag of Holding

1x Bedroll

1x Tent

1x Flint & Steel

5x Anti-Toxin

1x Ever-full Rations

1x Ever-full Waterskin

1x Knife

My Secrets Are...

Again, Teruk keeps private matters private.

I Believe...

Everyone's destiny is their own to find.



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