Hotaru Hatake


Hotaru ‘Firefly’ Hatake
The Copycat Kunoichi and Jinchuriki
Granddaughter to Sakumo Hatake(Deceased)
Daughter to Kakashi Hatake (Alive), Ushino ____ (Deceased)
Mother to None

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Full Name
Hotaru Hatake
{Firefly Field}

Taru, Firefly, Copykitten, Matatabi, Jinchuriki

Birth Date
13th of October(roughly)

Fifteen – Twenty-two
{Depends on the Roleplay}


Blood Type

Sexual Orientation



Shinobi Profession
Anbu/Hunter Nin

“A Good Shinobi Doesn’t Abandon Those In Need.”

Kekkai Genkai
Sharingan/Mangekyo Sharingan

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B a c k s t o r y
Almost twenty years ago, a silver haired ninja by the name of Kakashi Hatake met a kunoichi only known as Ushino. Kakashi Hatake was a Hidden Leaf Village Jounin; still an active member of Anbu at the time, and was in the Hidden Sand Village when he met Ushino. Ushino; an ex-hidden cloud kunoichi, moved to the Hidden Sand for a better life for herself, and any future she had. The two of them had spent a few weeks together and when Kakashi had to leave the village, Ushino was honestly devastated. However, nine months later Ushino gave birth to an adorable chunky baby girl, whom she named Hotaru Hatake. The snow haired child was given her fathers’ name, as a sense of respect to him and for Ushino to acknowledge that this was indeed The Copycat Ninjas’ daughter. Just before her birth Ushino contacted skilled medical nin from the Hidden Cloud Village to come and assist, for they understood the bloodline of her family. Ushino herself carried the Two Tailed Cat in place of her younger brother whom was meant to. So while still in the womb Matatabi; the tailed beast, was transferred into the unborn Hatake. This would be a huge problem, years down the road.

Hotaru grew up with a single mother, and as one of the only outsiders in the Hidden Sand Village, for being where she had come from. No one knew her deep secret, so that much ridicule was saved from the little copykitten. Growing up as an only child Hotaru was lonely and always strives to make friends. She had a small bit of shyness to her, but it never stopped her from progressing. Before joining any academy Hotaru became friends with the village outcast, Gaara. They met one day when a bunch of kids ran away from him, after picking up a kick ball to hand back. Hotaru offered to play with him, and they spent hours playing with the elastic toy before Hotaru was called home for dinner. Many days were spent like this in their childhood, always finding new games to play and try out together. When Gaara was attacked by his trusted ‘friend’, Hotaru was there to be of comfort. She couldn’t stop the redhead from beginning to shut her out, but she did her best to battle the hopeless fight as long as possible. When they became Genin ranked shinobi, Hotaru was the happiest kid ever. Gaara and her celebrated with an all you can eat feast of sweets.But Gaara had been different since then but not truly distant, the redhead had come to rely on Hotaru as his own sense of sanity. His only true friend, or that’s what he wanted to believe.

Hotarus’ mother died soon after they became Genin. The way she died has always been unclear, but she was found skewered by several foreign objects. It was always blamed on a sense of jutsu, that pierced her while in her home with Hotaru. Her last breaths were spent telling Hotaru the truth about herself, as well as where to find her father Kakashi. Just a child and now being burdened with all these details about herself, Hotaru began to have her first emotional crack. In a state of shock and fear, Hotaru ran from the village. Unaware of what killed her mother, she ran without any goodbye to Gaara. This decision has sense made Gaara bitter towards the Hatake, as he believes she purposefully abandoned him. Regardless of her mother’s death at the time. Upon arrival at Konoha Hotaru was covered in twigs, dirt, cuts and bruises. The shinobi guarding the gate were quick to take her to the hospital, and immediately after taking her to the Third Hokage. It was in his office that Hotaru revealed her identity as the daughter of Kakashi Hatake.

The news was shocking to everyone, but Kakashi most of all. He had come to the room upon request from the Hokage, to try and confirm Hotarus’ story. Kakashi was in pure disbelief upon seeing his lilac eyed little girl, whom did look just like a spitting image of himself. But he could Ushino in Hotarus’ mannerisms and personality.

Some of the moves she made, the things she said, and even her eyes and face, they all just reminded him of the love he had now realized he lost. Kakashi agreed to take Hotaru under his wing, though weary about the idea at first. It was soon after that she was placed into Kakashis’ Squad 7 with Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha. Her sand village headband was quickly retired and replaced with that of the Hidden Leaf symbol. And before Hotaru even knew it, she had a home and was now a Hidden Leaf Genin.

Time passed and several missions were taken and finished by the strange Squad 7, with five members. Hotaru became closer to her father as well as the knucklehead ninja Naruto. Naruto had become Hotarus’ new best friend, seeing as how she never figured Gaara would never come back into her life. Sakura was an odd case; Hotaru considered her a friend but wasn’t too sure how much that was.. true. Sasuke is like a rival, to Hotaru. When she found out that she possessed the Sharingan as well as her father and Sasuke, she just knew she had to best the raven haired shinobi. In some fields she was great, and could wipe the floor with the Uchiha, but in others he could easily take her out. In many ways they were equal healthy rivals, much like Sasuke and Naruto, which helped them push to improve their abilities.

When the Chunin exams came, Hotaru knew things would be interesting. Not only did she have to survive as a team with the three stooges, she had to fight several other villages for her spot as Chunin. When the written exam began, Hotaru knew that something was off. Sasuke, Sakura, and Hotaru all knew what to do, but Naruto was stuck.. Honestly kind of clueless.

But because of the sweet Hinata Hyuga, he was offered answers to cheat and pass. It wasn’t until halfway through the exam that she noticed the familiar red hair in the middle of the huge testing room.. It wasn’t until the confrontation in The Forest of Death that Hotaru truly figured out that it was Gaara. Not long after the second exam started Hotaru was cut off from her squad by a brief attack from some hidden cloud ninja. In her time apart, she had actually landed directly in front of Gaara, and his siblings. Quickly proving she had no scroll, and that she was lost, they decided not to try and fight (and kill) Hotaru. .

After the Chunin Exams and the technical rebellion of the Sand/Sound Village things were… quiet.. Scary quiet, to where it suffocated those in it’s grasp. But even after all of that, the problems just wouldn’t stop flowing. The fifth hokage was appointed to be Tsunade, the Akatsuki have begun their attack, and no one quite knows what all to do.

Story being written

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N A T U R E    T Y P E
 Lightning Release (Affinity)
 Fire Release


L I S T    O F    J U T S U
(Mastery Levels: Novice < Amateur < Master < Expert)

Chidori – Taught by Kakashi | Level of Mastery: Expert

Sexy Jutsu (Picture) – Taught by Naruto | Level of Mastery: Master

Gentle Fist (Has Memorized The Chakra Network) – Taught by Neji | Level of Mastery: Amateur



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Related image

Boom Blade

It’s a curved sword with a handle made of bone. It bears a mysterious incantation and looks strikingly beautiful. It has a habit of exploding when it strikes.


A Gift From An Event with Captain James

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Weapon commission 113 by Epic-Soldier 

The Swallower of Souls
AKA Tamashi no arekurui


A Sword passed down through her Mother’s bloodline. It’s a blade summoned through the markings on her gloves, like any other summoning jutsu. The blade itself (inspired by Katana from DC) is a thin Katana that captures the souls of whomever it kills – leaving the souls to never find true peace.


This sword is a last resort for Hotaru, and hasn’t ever been summoned before – to be used. Not that has ever been publicly shared.



(more to be added, later)

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Single | Heterosexual | Interests x00 | No One


(Naruto Universe: Sabaku no Gaara & Uzumaki Naruto)


(Each Roleplay Is Separate. None Effect The Others, Unless Specified.)


Friends & Acquaintances / Enemies & Rivals



(All art is not mine, except the shinobi recolors, to match her appearance. The originals aren’t mine, though.)

Who Am I...

A Powerpacked Shinobi

Romantic Interests

Hellifyno Setting: None || Earth Setting: A Red Headed or Yellow Haired Jinchuriki