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Black blood, it is a rare and honourable quality anyone can have in the kingdom of Shadnawar. it is never certain when a child is born whether they will have black blood or not and sometimes it doesn’t appear for years, the oldest to be recruited is 13 while the youngest 6 months.


once black blood appears the family must tell the king for they are needed for the protection of his Majesty and the land. Black blood makes the warriors stronger and faster than most, it can take in all types of magic thrown at them from a fireball to a killing curse. once the magic is absorbed the black blood becomes stronger for a period of time.



Virgo was 6 when her black blood appeared and was one of the kings favourites till he died an old and wonderful age.

My Appearance

long white hair, a few battle scars, a red sash at all times, metal and leather armour


red sash, daggers and her blade



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