Senshi Hakaisuru and Kione

Who Am I...

A warrior gifted immense power after my fall from honor.

Romantic Interests

Women for Senshi. Both men and women for Kione.

Relationship Status

Senshi is engaged to his beloved Ayane. Kione is single

My Story Is...


My Appearance

A warrior wielding dual katanas and a longbow

A kitsune with a big scythe


Dual katanas forged in the fires of a volcano and made from the core of a meteorite and a longbow made from the wood of the last cherry tree standing in my family home and a few firearms


My scythe.

My Secrets Are...

Secrets for a reason

I Believe...

I can learn to control my newfound power and I no longer need the rules of bushido. Master Senshi is a great man