Tolerith Golden Dragon god of War

Who Am I...

A warrior from a farwaway land

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married to an amazing and absolutely gorgeous woman named Sofia

My Story Is...

I was what in my world is called a blood demon. I was a vampire who died nd went to my world’s hell. I signed a contract with a demon and came back as a demonic vampire with control over some demonic magic which I have since then perfected. I killed my demonic master and freed myself. I have also learned how to control my own power and my demonic blood. I am neither good nor evil and adventure through whatever worlds I enter. I learn the spells and magic of those worlds and perfect them over the many years of my unlife. I was a warrior of noble birth who fought with every fiber of my being for my king and country. I was felled on the battlefield but before I was fully killed the young woman I was betrothed to whom

I later found out was a vampire turned me and I lived with her as my wife for about three-hundred years until she was killed by monster hunters but was not seen as worthy to serve a demon master. I then started my travel through my realm and learned some basic magics but was killed by monster hunters myself then reborn into service of my demonic master whom I killed then I mastered my demonic magics and learned to traverse universes through an ancient magic. I have recently been reborn to a new form. I am also a god in my new form’s birth world. I not so long ago watched too many soldiers who I held dear to me fall in my name and I am no longer a god of nature and creation but am now a god of honor and selfless sacrifice in war. I have changed to honor those men that fell in my name. I am now a more warlike god who will fight to honor the fallen and keep as many of my brethren from falling in battle anymore.I am engaged to Sofia Nightmere, an amazing and beautiful woman that I love whole heartedly and we have a gorgeous little girl named Oriana.

My Appearance

depends on the humanoid form but always with many tattoos on my arms and the rest of my body.


mostly blades and bows. heavy armor and a reminder of my new purpose in the form of a piece of a battle banner held by one of my fallen brethren.